Nelly Spotted With New Girlfriend In A Club

Well that didn’t take long, did it?! Actually, in these micro-moments that we live in these days, nothing takes long. So, to help shuttle you along through the fast paced world of celebrity, we give you the lowdown…


Goodbye, Ashanti.
Hello Tae. That’s LaShontae Heckard. The two lovebirds were found up in the VIP area this weekend at The Gold Room in the ATL on Friday night. Tae, who appears on BET’s The Game, has somewhat of a follow. Rumors are circulating that she has been receiving threats online from Team Ashanti, but it doesn’t appear that she feels threatened by the Twitter verse or Facebook drama one bit. 
Tae & Nelly
Now, someone remind us again.
What exactly does Ashanti do anyways these days? Because we have not heard a hit song from her in forever. Actually, we have not heard ANYTHING from her in forever. Is this about to be the moment when Tae’s star rises as another’s falters? Stay tuned…

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