More Katt Trouble!!

Katt Williams just can’t do anything right at the moment! So what did he do this time??

Well, just hours after the comedian was released from police custody on child endangerment charges, Williams got into a club fight with good friend Suge Knight!


The brawl took place outside the Eden Club. Video footage has shown that Suge was more in the thick of the action while Katt was hiding and fleeing! But eyewitnesses say that Katt was the one who started the fight!

BET Comedy Icon Awards - Show

Both men fled the scene with Suge almost crippling several people as he stormed out in his white SUV!!

Both Katt and Suge have been in trouble with the police recently and it remains to be seen what action is taken by the authorities regarding this latest incident!!

How many more times do you think Katt will get away with his antics before he lands himself into serious trouble???

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