Mathew Knowles Is Asking For A Lesser Child Support Payment

Alexsandra Wright and son Nixon Alexsandra Wright and son Nixon

Last month, Alexsandra, the mother of Matthew Knowles’ son, is claiming that she did not receive any child support from Beyoncé’s father.  This week, Matthew asked the court to reduce his monthly child support since he is only earning a lesser amount compared those days when he was still managing Beyoncé.  Instead of paying $12,000 a month for child support, he wants it to be reduced to $2,485 a month.

Alexsandra expressed that she was disappointed, saying:

“This is his child, its a boy, its been 5 years. I’ve never spoken, I’ve been respectful of our relationship. I’ve never talked about it or stepped out of line. I followed the letter to the law, the stipulated judgments to the law. It feels like he’s a little bit of an outlaw and has chosen to not acknowledge any of it and punish me all the way to the finish line”

Alexsandra Wright, Mathew Knowles and son Nixon Alexsandra Wright, Mathew Knowles and son Nixon

She further added:

“More than anything he raised two children and was very active in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing to not acknowledge his only son, I don’t know. It’s disappointing and also what’s disappointing is that I’m the only parent taking responsibility at this point.”

What can you say about Alexsandra’s statements?

Photo Credits: Eben Gregory, KRNB

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