Mary Mary Season 3 Tackles About Cheating

Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

The new season of Mary Mary, which will premier tonight, deals about health issues as well as having a solo career.  However, the biggest controversy is about Tina Atkins-Campbell discovery that her husband of 13 years cheated on her.  Tina’s husband Teddy Campbell, who is also the drummer of The Tonight Show band, was cheating while Tina was busy with her gospel tour.

Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

Tina revealed:

“Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road.[...]So I’ve got to wonder, ‘Since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?’[...]I’m broken. My heart is crushed. I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside! I need all the help that God can give because my situation is to’ up. ”

If you are married and your spouse cheats on you, would you quit on your marriage?

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