Maia Campbell Reveals Motivation To Stay Clean For 12-Year-Old Daughter

Maia Campbell and daughter Elizabeth Maia Campbell and daughter Elizabeth

Maia Campbell is now sober after she successfully overcomes her struggles of mental illness and addiction.  Four years ago, she suffered from bi-polar disorder and now she wants to make sure that she can be a good example for her daughter Elizabeth who is now 12 years old.  During her recent interview with iPower Richmond’s TT Torrez, she revealed that she is currently busy preparing for her book and at the same time she also wants to help her daughter Elizabeth in managing her acting career.  She said:

“Right now I’m just supporting a comeback. I wrote a book. I had to find myself again because [of] changes in my life. I had a daughter, I had a little girl, she’s growing up now. So I had to grow up and I couldn’t just remain a little girl on TV forever.”

“I have a daughter now and I have to set an example. That was what got me grounded in [trying to do] better. I had to live my life differently. I had to change the way I was living my life.”

Maia Campbell's daughter Elizabeth Maia Campbell’s daughter Elizabeth

What can she say about her daughter’s career in the industry?  Maia revealed:

“She wants to be an actress and she’s done some Disney commercials recently and some other acting and some videos on YouTube. She doesn’t listen to any other people as far as management [is concerned]. She’s listening to her father. And she doesn’t have any agent yet. She’s not exactly on a show because she hasn’t gotten the training yet. When she gets the training, she’ll probably pop onto something a little more lucrative…And I’ll be proud to sit by her and support her. The best thing I can do is stay working, and stay on the right path, and stay away from all of that stuff.”

Isn’t she a great example for her daughter?

Photo Credits: Necole Bitchie

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