Lauren London Talks About Wayne On Wendy Williams Show + Lil Wayne Announces New Tour + Beyonce Headlining Gucci Charity Concert!


Brandy visited The Wendy Williams Show and showed Wendy her ring. She also talks about her engagement and the possibility that her wedding will be shown on television. Lauren London and Jay Ellis, the new stars of “The Game”, also visited the show. They talked about the roles that they played on the show. Wendy suddenly changed the subject and asked Lauren about her child by Lil Wayne. Lauren answered:
“ [No we're] no longer [together], great friends though. I think it’s difficult being a single parent period. For me, my job, luckily I can bring him to work.”
Wendy can’t help but ask about Lil Wayne’s health. Lauren said:
“He’s great! His album comes out today. He’s really good.”
Don’t forget to watch the premier of “The Game”.


Lil Wayne’s new tour entitled “America’s Most Wanted” will push through despite his health problems recently. T.I. and Future will joined him in the tour. The tour will be for two months. It will be held in different cities and it will start on July 7 in Birmingham. The tour will end on September 1 in Irvine. After completing the tour, Lil will go to Europe with Mac Miller. This will probably take place in the fall.
Aside from the tour, Weezy is also busy with the release of his new album entitled “I Am Not a Human II”.
If you want to watch “Amercia’s Most Wanted” then tickets will be sold starting April.


Beyonce will be part of a charity concert entitled “The Sound Of Change Live”. The concert will be held in London and it is part of Gucci’s campaign for Chime for Change. The objective of this concert is to promote women empowerment. The campaign is co-founded by Beyonce along with Frida Giannini, the Gucci executive, and Selma Hayek. According to Beyonce:
“Our goal is to call for change for girls and women in the loudest voice possible. I am excited for us to come together on June 1 to bring the issues of education, health and justice for girls and women to the world stage.”
The concert will be held on June 1 at the Twickenham Stadium. You can start buying tickets now.

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