Kris Jenner Talks K.K Baby Cravings + Megan Fox Wants More Kids

Kris Jenner discusses Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy cravings during an interview, she says:


“This is a lifelong dream,I used to visitKathie Lee 20 years ago and thought how lucky she was to have a talk show. I can’t believe this is really happening.”

The alluring grandmother continued:

“We could have a nursery on the set and I could babysit, What do you think of that, Kim?”

She also insists:

“Kim’s doing great”

“She’s craving Pizookies…it’s a giant cookie and I think it’s at BJs and I think it has ice cream on top, but right now it’s all about the Pizookies. Last night, she was craving artichokes, Chinese chicken salad—no onion and French fries.”

What an unusual craving?



Megan Fox recently announced that she wants to have more children.  She is now currently busy taking care of Noah, her 4 month old son.  She really hopes that she can provide him more siblings sooner.


“I recognise the blessings when they come – like, I recognise I’m so lucky to work with Judd [Apatow] – but the ultimate satisfaction for me is being with my son.”

“I just want to give Noah as much of myself as I can. And I want to have more kids. That is where my heart is.”

Megan also confessed that it is her lifelong dream to have a baby and now she is struggling between motherhood and her commitments.

“All I wanted to do my whole, whole life was have a baby and, now, I’ve finally done it.”

“It’s very hard for me to do this stuff, because I feel like this isn’t my job any more. My job is to be with him.”

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