Kim Kardashian On A Mission—- The Middle East

If you haven’t already heard about Kim Kardashian and the Middle East Crisis, well let’s just say, “Kim is on a Milkshake mission!!” According to TMZ, they caught Kardashian on Tuesday looking very serious on her way to educating herself on the crisis. Kardashian was spotted at the Fort Lauderdale airport ready to begin her trip to Kuwait and Bahrain. Kim has scheduled meetings with local leaders in both countries.

Kim Mission Recap

Kim Kardashian offended some of her fans after tweeting about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She apologized by stating that she vowed to get informed about the political situation in the region while she was in Kuwait and Bahrain, to open up a couple of Millions of Milkshakes shops.

Hopefully, Kim’s mission will lead to a solution ….. and inform us on what’s going on!!!!!!!

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