Kelis New Album Can Definitely Satisfy Your Appetite

kelis kelis

Kelis has been busy lately with the promotion of her new album entitled “Food.”  She attended the Grammys as well as other red carpet events.  Back in 2003, Kelis’ “Milkshake” became a hit and now she’s doing “Jerk Ribs,” “Cobbler” and “Fish Fry.”  These are just some of the tracks of her forthcoming album “Food” which will be released on April 22.

During her interview with Hip Hollywood, she talked about the album saying:

“My new album is called Food. It comes out April 22nd. Dave Sitek produced it. It’s full band. It’s got horn sections and strings and orchestra. It’s very dramatic. And I’m really excited about it. I don’t rush to put albums out. I kinda like to wallow in them for a bit. So it’s one of those!”

kelis kelis

What is her motivation on this yummy album title?  Kelis revealed:

“We were recording in a house. It was Dave’s house and he lives really close to me so… It was a huge band. People were there and people are hungry. And so we were eating, recording and singing and eating some more. So it became… [Food]. That was the plan but that’s just what it ended up being because that’s just who we are, which was nice because it was just really natural and felt really good and tasted really good, too.”

Here is the complete list of the tracks on the album “Food”:

1. Jerk Ribs

2. Breakfast

3. Forever Be

4. Floyd

5. Runner

6. Hooch

7. Cobbler

8. Bless The Telephone

9. Fish Fry

10. Change

11. Rumble

12. Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy

13. Dreamer

Is your stomach already growling?

Photo Credits: Vibe, Bet

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