Katy Perry Responds To Chief Keef Threat, “Believe me, I’m a lover not a hater.”


Chief Keef, the Chicago rapper, may not be familiar with Katy Perry’s songs but Perry recently heard a song from Keef which she did not really like.  Last Wednesday, Perry made a tweet about Keef’s song “I Hate Being Sober,” she tweeted:

“Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Perry did not mention Keef and we don’t know if she is aware that it is Keef’s song.  Keef was not pleased about Perry’s comments and even threatened her in his tweets below:





After Keef made these remarks, Perry quickly apologized to him by saying:

“sorry if I offended you.”

“I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & didn’t even know it was you in particular.  Actually I’m a fan of your “Don’t Like” video [to be honest]. I was really just having a general opinion on our generations desire to be constantly intoxicated. Believe me, I’m a lover not a hater. x”


Well, it seems that the apology is accepted because Keef tweeted:

“@katyperry Oh  Im Sorry Too Then “

Do you agree with Katy’s opinion about the song?


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