K. Michelle and J.R.’s Twitter Love


If you didn’t know it already, you heard it here first:

Twitter is the new tattle-tale! Remember when kids used to run through the block to tell the latest in gossip? Well, no more! Now I see why kids and adults that act like kids…are getting fatter by the year. All they have to do now is roll over in their bed, reach over that snack tray, grab their cell phone, and run to Twitter. That’s probably how I was relayed this message.



Could it be that Love & Hip-Hop star K. Michelle is latched on to New York Nicks player J.R. Smith? Here’s a snippet of the he-tweet/her-tweet shenanigans:

J.R Smith: “Man she keeping! RT @ThatBoy Quan:@TheRealJRSmith should wife up @kmichelle foreal!”
K. Michelle: “RT @TheRealJRSmith bout to get married to @kmichelle all y’all #Ni55a bak up!>nope u let yo n***s sell u candy bout me! Ask me.”

So they’re running down the aisle soon just because she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him?! On to the next tweet…

J.R. Smith: “RT @TheRealJRSmith I’m asking! @kmichelle> Ill marry u if buy me sunflowers We gotta be weird 2gether&throw up our middle finger up 2the world.”

Well, isn’t this the start of something…


One word for J.R. In love or no. Make sure that pre-nup is tighter than your free throw skills!

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