Justin Bieber’s Ferrari – Pulled Over For Speeding … Seriously

 Justin Bieber

The white Ferrari of Justin Bieber has just been pulled over by a police officer due to speeding.  This incident happened after Bieber had an encounter with NFL player Keyshawn Johnson for speeding in Calabasas community.  It’s not only Johnson who complains about JB’s driving.  Some of Justin’s neighboors are concerned that someone might get hurt if he will continue being a reckless driver.


This time, it is not the pop singer who is driving his white Ferrari but his friend, Lil Twist.  This is the same person who was driving Bieber’s white Ferrari when a photographer died early this year.  According to the law enforcers, they pulled over Twist because he was roaring in JB’s community in Calabasas.  Twist was fortunate because it was just a warning.

Well, next time Twist should be more careful when driving in Calabasas community.

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