John Travolta Talks Career Longevity, Losing Himself in Acting

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The last time that John Travolta joined the France’s Deauville American Film Festival was in 1978.  After thirty-five years, the actor returns to the festival to receive his lifetime achievement award and promotes his new film, “Killing Season.”  He said, “I’ve been getting career awards since the mid-’90s.  Your average career runs about 30 years, so I’m about five years past that. Clark Gable and Cary Grant were all still doing movies at my age and older, but they generally used to stop a lot younger. Now, you’ve got Eastwood, who’s 83 and still doing movies. Things are a little different now.”


When regards to the success of “Killing Season,” the 59-year-old Travolta said, “I asked some questions about it, to be honest, because it’s not something I’m used to.  Maybe I’m not as comfortable with it, but that doesn’t mean anything: Sometimes the world changes and you have to go with it.”

“Besides, as an actor, it’s changed nothing. You’re there to do your due diligence and give a good performance. How the industry takes that forward is really up to them, and changing times will change that, but performance is performance.”

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