Jermaine Dupri Attends Kris Kross Funeral & Wears Backward Pants + Judge Shuts-down Kobe Bryant’s Mother Memorabilia Sale



As a tribute to Chris Kelly, the Kris Kross rapper, Jermaine Dupri decided to wear his pants backwards during the funeral.  Dupri was the one who discovered the Kris Kross duo while they were singing in a mall.  Aside from Dupri, Da Brat, Kelly’s label mate also wore his pants backwards.  During the funeral ceremony, Dupri did not deliver a speech while Chris Smith said, “I know Chris is in heaven.”


A judge just ordered Goldin Auctions to stop the selling of Kobe Bryant’s memorabilia for now.  A hearing will be scheduled next Monday.  Kobe’s mother brought his trophies, championship rings, jerseys and other stuff to the auction house and claimed that his son gave them to her.  However, the NBA player denied this and said that his mother was just unhappy because Kobe did not buy her the expensive house.  Kobe also added that his mother stole the stuff from his house.

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