Jay Ellis Talks Favorite Books & Being A One Woman Man

Jay Ellis Jay Ellis

If you need a good guy then you should choose Jay Ellis since he is a good catch.  He admires philanthropy, loves to read books and most of all he wants to have a relationship that can last for a long time.  Early this week, he appeared on the red carpet for “Power 100″, a gala show of the Ebony Magazine.  He looked so clean and fresh and revealed that he aspires to become a great man just like Magic Johnson.

When asked if his personality is the same as his character on The Game, he said:

“No, I’m not a player at all. I’m definitely a one woman man for sure. My parents have been together for 32 years, so to me, love is a very special thing. It’s a gift. It’s what life is for. It’s what it’s made of… to share with somebody for the rest of your life. I’m looking forward to that.”

Jay Ellis Jay Ellis

What are the qualities that he is looking for in a woman?  Ellis said:

“Ambitious. Sexy. Can cook. Confidence. Communication. A woman who wants to be a mother, ’cause I want kids. I love kids so I want kids. I don’t want ‘em that soon or a bunch of them or nothing like that, but I want kids. Education. There’s so many things, but at the same time a spark is a spark. Love is love. When you find it, you gotta run with it.”

Isn’t he a great guy?

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