James Van Der Beek, Wife Kimberly Expecting Third Child: ‘I feel ridiculously blessed’

van der beek

James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly Van Der Baby announced that they are expecting baby number three.  Kimberly proclaimed the news by writing a blog with the title “We’re Expecting.”  She wrote:

“James and I are happy to report that we are expecting our third child this winter!” The former actor of “Dawson’s Creek” was overwhelmed by the news, he said, “I feel ridiculously blessed. I feel so much love honestly.  I was told two was three times as hard as one, and that three is actually not as big of a leap. If anybody knows otherwise, I am going to ask them not to tell me.”

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James and Kimberly tied the knot in 2010, and they already have two kids, Olivia, 2, and 17-month-old Joshua.  Kimberly wrote, “All the craziness, exhaustion, and moodiness aside, James and I are beyond elated and feeling so incredibly blessed.  Olivia and Joshua are in on the news and seem to be excited about a baby coming into the family.”

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