It’s War: Michael Jordan Wants Pamela Smith To Pay! + Timberland Busted…. Where’s Your Watch?!


Michael Jordan is not quiting but he is fighting back.  Recently, Pamela Smith accused Michael Jordan of being the father of her 16 year old son.  The judge ordered MJ to have a DNA test to support the paternity suit.  The NBA legend denied the allegation and Smith suddenly dropped the case without any explanation at all.  Now Michael Jodan is having his revenge by filing new legal documents.  He is filing counter claim charges against Pamela and he wants her to pay for the court costs and the sanctions that will be enforced by the judge.

Will Pamela pay?


Timbaland is lying to his insurance company when he filed a $1.8 million claim over a lost watch.  He claimed that his Jacob & Co. watch was lost by his 2 year old daughter.  The watch is very valuable since it is dazzling with 30 carats of diamonds.

But according to American Home Assurance Company, the insurance company, they won’t pay Timbaland any dime because he is lying, they said:

“ Timbaland bought the watch for $900,000 but insured it for TWICE the purchase price.  Timbaland reported the watch stolen … but 4 months later claimed his daughter misplaced it.  Everyone involved told a different story … the wife implicated another female, the assistant implicated the maid, the maid only copped to sleeping with Timbaland’s brother-in-law and the brother-in-law refused to cooperate.  No one ever mentioned the daughter losing the watch, like Timbaland belatedly claimed.”

Should the insurance company pay Timbaland?

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