Is Maxwell Courting Julissa Bermudez?

Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

Maxwell was recently spotted with a mystery woman in Miami.  The mystery woman is Julissa Bermudez who is a television host and a brand ambassador.  It seems that the two are having a great time in the sun.  Now, the question is “Are they dating?”  Maxwell and Bermudez were also spotted in 2011, but Julissa quickly dished:

“He’s a friend. It’s the perfect example of how media loves to pin people together to make a story. I take a picture with someone and of course I’m automatically “dating” them.”

Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

She further added:

“I am SO single. Absolutely. It feels good. I’m in a good place in my life. Honestly, when you’re not looking, certain people walk into your path and walk into your life. You’re asking a Libra girl that loves love [Laughs]. Sometimes in life you have to surrender, and that’s just the circumstances, whether it’s the cards you’ve been dealt or just surrender to the things that are out of control. I feel that that comes with experiences.”

What do you think? Are they dating?

Photo Credits: Hip Hollywood

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