Happy Birthday, Tom Cruise! Mission: Impossible Star Turns 51


It’s been a year since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were divorced.  So far, Cruise who will be turning 51 today has not yet announced his plans for his birthday.  Maybe he will be celebrating it with his family and friends.

Yesterday, Suri was spotted at JFK airport in New York City.  She was accompanied by her mom Katie Holmes.  Suri looked so fashionable in her pink outfit.  If Tom will not be celebrating his birthday with Suri then he might celebrate it with his other kids, Isabella and Connor Cruise.


Well, Cruise will definitely enjoy this day.  According to sources, “He’s doing really well. He’s really happy.”  So far, he’s been having “an incredible amount of time to reflect.”  Sooner or later he will find somebody else.

The source further added:

“He’s ready to date.  He wants to find love again. He’s a really great guy and it’s difficult for him to play the dating game, because even if he likes someone who isn’t famous it’s hard for them to understand his world.”

Happy Birthday Tom Cruise!

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