Get This: K.Michelle Sings Opera In DC + Fantasia Unveils New Tracklist ‘Side Effects Of You’

K. Michelle wants to prove that she has talent aside from slapping and losing her temper.  During the weekend, she had a successful and sold out performance at the Howard Theater.  She performed some of the latest tracks from her upcoming album which is named as “Rebellious Soul”.  Aside from singing opera, she also played the part of an orchestra conductor.


K. Michelle had a few laughs during her performance and drops this TMI:

“I’m going through something. My c—hie has been like sandpaper. I just know I have no desire, but that’s too much information. “

The Atlanta star also performed a new song which is entitled “My Life”.  This song describes her life and how she obtains an aggressive personality.

What do you think of K. Michelle’s performance?



Fantasia recently divulges the track list of her forthcoming album which is entitled “Side Effects of You”.  The album consists of 13 songs which is produced by Harmony who is a UK composer and songwriter.  Some of her guests in the album are rapper King Los, Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland.  Elliott and Rowland will be singing with her on “Without Me” while Los will sing with her on “Make Me Feel”

The alum is actually composed of rock-soul songs with a mixture of James Brown and Tina Turner’s music.  During an interview she told Steve Harvey:

“I just wanted so bad to always do something like that and I thank the record company, RCA, for allowing me to do that on this album.”

Fantasia’s ‘Side Effects of You’ Track List:

1. ‘Make Me Feel’ feat. King Los

2. ‘Ain’t All Bad’

3. ‘If I Was a Bird’

4. ‘Girl Talk (Interlude)’

5. ‘Without Me’ feat. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott

6. ‘Side Effects of You’

7. ‘Get It Right’

8. ‘So Much to Prove’

9. ‘Change Your Mind’

10. ‘Lighthouse”

11. ‘Lose to Win’

12. “End of Me”

13. ‘In Deep’

14. ‘Haunted’ (Target Exclusive)

15. ‘Kiss Bang Boom’ (Target Exclusive)

Watch out for the “Side Effects of You” album which will be out on April 16.

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