Friends, Family Worried About Disheveled Angus T. Jones, Former ‘Two And A Half Men’ Star


Angus T. Jones was considered as one of the highest paid actor but look at him now.  It is estimated that Jones obtained an income of about $6 million a year from his TV series, “Two and a Half Men.”   Jones was no longer the lead role of the hit TV series and now he looks a little bit messy with more beards.

According to sources, the family and friends of Angus are already getting worried about the 19-year-old actor.  Jones played the character of Jake Harper for 10 years.  But now one of his friends revealed that the actor “seems to be suffering from some kind of breakdown. He appears in denial about the whole saga. And he just doesn’t want to look like Jake anymore.”


Jones wants to go back to college and he also wants to join the Seventh-day Adventist Church with his parents.  Jones’ friend said, “He seems to be a shadow of himself and desperate to get away from the looks that made him a a global star and very wealthy.”

“We are concerned about his health, too. Angus has lost a lot of weight over the summer and looks very skinny compared to how he looked on the show.”

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