Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Daughter & Girlfriend Wear the Same Designer Dress to Canelo Fight


Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s daughter Jirah and his on-and-off again girlfriend Shantel Jackson wore the same dress during his fight.  Aside from having the same dress, they also have similar pose.  According to reports, Jirah’s mother Josie Harris paid $795 to Project Runway designer Michael Costello so that her 10-year-old daughter will wear a one-of-a-kind dress.  However, she was devastated when she found out that Floyd’s ex-girlfriend Jackson wore the same dress that her daughter wore.  She said:

“It’s an unspoken rule and a cardinal sin for a ‘real designer’ to dress clients alike going to the same major event … Tacky, tacky, tacky.”


She further added that Shantel is a gold digger, she said, “She is a total gold digger … She conveniently came back around 2 days before Floyd got his $41.5 million check.”

On the other hand, the designer of the dress Michael Costello said:

“No exclusivity was promised regarding the dress. If you want exclusivity, you need to pay more.”

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