Draya Michele Talks About Leaving ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Draya Michele Draya Michele

Draya Michele recently visited Power 106 to talk about a lot of things including the reason why she left ‘Basketball Wives LA’ and why she decided on going ‘main stream.’  She also discussed about her clothing line in addition to her plans for a spin-off.  The reality star also explained the reason why her boyfriend does not approve of the show.

When it comes to her Fine A** Girls clothing line, Draya revealed, “Fine A** Girls is my clothing line. I made a clothing line for the girls who watch me, who support me, viewers of the show.”

Is their a possibility that ugly girls can wear her brand?

Draya responded, “Listen, I’ve already stated that fine is a state of mind so if you feel fine, then you are fine.”

Draya Michele Draya Michele

Does she feel that she is ready to leave Basketball Wives because of her brand?

Draya said, “Well, I think that Basketball Wives is my date to the prom so I gotta dance with her for a little bit because that’s who I came with, but I don’t have to go home to her at the end of the night. So I would like to do my own thing eventually, once the Basketball wives  train comes to a stop then I would like to graduate into the Draya Show and I’m already transitioning into that.”

What are your thoughts on Draya’s clothing line?

Photo Credits: MStarz, Bossip

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