Congrats To “12 Years A Slave” For Winning The Oscar For ‘Best Picture’

The 2014 Academy Award for ‘Best Picture’ goes to “12 Years A Slave.”  The film was a box-office hit and critical as well.  It was produced by Brad Pitt and directed by Steve McQueen.  The movie also won the best director award during the New York Film Critics Circle.  It was also selected as the Best Motion Picture during the Golden Globe Awards.  Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is also a “Best Actor” nominee, was introduced in the film.  Earlier in the evening, he spoke about his love for the movie:

12 Years A Slave 12 Years A Slave

“I was stunned by it. You always have a hope when you’re making films, when you get to see them and they’ve gone off and gotten edited that when they come back they meet your hope and expectation of what they should be. This time it exceeded my expectation. I found it unbelievable what Steve McQueen had done.”

Congratulations also to Lupita Nyong’o for winning the Oscar for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role on the film.

Lupita Nyong'o Lupita Nyong’o

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Photo Credits:  LA Times, CBC

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