Chris Tucker In The Money, Sells L.A. Mansion!

Chris Tucker Rush Hour 3 movie image

Chris Tucker obtained an amount of $2.1 million for his L.A. Mansion.  Can you guess how much did he gain from it?  Well, half of this amount is Tucker’ profit.  The star of “Rush Hour” quickly gained one million dollars from his L.A. Mansion.  In 1996, Tucker bought this 6,399 sq ft mansion for only $1,113,500.  In 2011, he decided that he would sell it.  However, it took some time and finally it was sold last month.  The buyer paid $2.1 million for the mansion.


It was a cool price for a cool mansion which consisted of balconies, 7.5 baths, 5 bedrooms, pool and spa.  It also has high ceilings and uses french doors.  Can you imagine if Tucker can sell more houses then he would be able to pay all of his tax debts?

Do you have other houses to sell, Tucker?

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