Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson To Divorce Charles Saatchi, Seen Choking Her Last Month


Last June, Charles Saatchi, 70, the famous art collector, was caught by a photographer in a restaurant grasping the throat of his wife, the celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, 53.  After this incident, Saatchi announced early this month that he will file a divorce.  He said that Nigella did not defend him when this ‘misinterpreted’ pictures surfaced.


The divorce proceedings will be held in London and it will be a quick one, according to reports.  Saatchi claimed that the photo which showed that he choked his wife is just a just misconception and he is planning to divorce his wife because she was not on his side when this controversy erupted.  The art collector claimed that she will be divorcing his wife but it was Nigella Lawson who filed the divorce papers.

It is estimated that the couple is worth $228 million.  What a huge split!

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