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Ashanti Ashanti

After she has finally released Braveheart, Ashanti was celebrating by having a private party.  The celebration was attended by Big Tigger, Momager Tina, and Stephen Hill and most especially by her special guest, Nelly.  Nelly was actually calling Ashanti while she was clubbing with her friends.  Ashanti was blowing him kisses on her phone.

When Ashanti was interviewed by Breakfast Club with regards to her relationship with Nelly, she explained:

Ashanti  and Nelly Ashanti and Nelly

“I will say that, there was a space where it was bad. It was really bad. Are we cool? Yeah. We’re okay.”

“When a man is hurt and a woman is hurt, I think men deal with hurt differently. I feel like we handle our emotions differently. There were a lot of things said and done publicly that should not have been. There was a foundation set and those things shouldn’t have happened. We both definitely made mistakes in a lot of things. But I will say things do come full circle. [He] is a really good person, he has a really good heart. You know?”

Are they or are they not together again?

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50 Cent And Steve Stoute 50 Cent And Steve Stoute

During the Knicks game last Friday, 50 Cent was spotted confronting Steve Stoute.  This is due to the comments made by Steve during his interview with Hot 97′s Angie Martinez.  Steve was asked about the most influential rappers and he mentioned Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Diddy as well as Kanye West but he did not include 50 Cent.

When asked why 50 Cent was not included in the list, Steve replied:

“He hasn’t had a hit in a really long time. He has not made anything musically that’s changed in a very long time. I feel like he’s always gearing up for something that never happens. Hopefully, now that he’s independent and there’s no record company to blame, his aggressive content will get on the air.”

But Angie was attempting to create a case for 50 by mentioning his business ventures and other deals.  Steve commented by saying:

“I think that he’s trying to get back. But those guys… music is a great platform. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have… you’re currently active making music, you’re currently active touching people with albums, it makes it much easier to venture into business deals that will become successful using the music to parlay to get it done. And without having music that’s meaningful over the last, probably the last great song he’s made was “I Get Money”? Right? You know how long ago…? Kanye’s put out three albums, four albums since then.”

50 Cent And Steve Stoute 50 Cent And Steve Stoute

Angie immediately warned Steve that 50 Cent might include him in his song and Steve quickly responded:

“Great! Hopefully IT GETS on the radio!”

What are your thoughts on Steve’s interview?

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Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather

Last night, Floyd Mayweather was watching the game of the Lakers against the Celtics which was held at the Staples Center.  He was spotted sitting on the courtside along with Atlanta designer Delicia Cordon together with her chicks. If his intention was to make his on-again-off-again fiancée Chantel jealous then it is working effectively.

When Miss Jackson was asked why she was not with Floyd during the game, she tweeted:

“Cause he’s busy with seat fillers!”

She further added:

“Funny when a person tries to top you.”

Way back in December, Floyd demonstrated how faithful he was with Miss Jackson.  During his interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, he talked about being monogamous, he said:

Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather

“Miss Jackson is my fiancée. I stand behind her 100 percent. No relationship is perfect. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, [but] I love Miss Jackson and she loves me. Any woman that’s attractive that’s around me doesn’t mean that she’s my girlfriend or she’s my lady or I’m sleeping with this woman. I’m happy with one woman.”

Will this cause another break up?

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Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

Maxwell was recently spotted with a mystery woman in Miami.  The mystery woman is Julissa Bermudez who is a television host and a brand ambassador.  It seems that the two are having a great time in the sun.  Now, the question is “Are they dating?”  Maxwell and Bermudez were also spotted in 2011, but Julissa quickly dished:

“He’s a friend. It’s the perfect example of how media loves to pin people together to make a story. I take a picture with someone and of course I’m automatically “dating” them.”

Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez Maxwell and Julissa Bermudez

She further added:

“I am SO single. Absolutely. It feels good. I’m in a good place in my life. Honestly, when you’re not looking, certain people walk into your path and walk into your life. You’re asking a Libra girl that loves love [Laughs]. Sometimes in life you have to surrender, and that’s just the circumstances, whether it’s the cards you’ve been dealt or just surrender to the things that are out of control. I feel that that comes with experiences.”

What do you think? Are they dating?

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Rob Kardashian

Sometimes there are people who are having a hard time in dealing with breakups just like Rob Kardashian.  Last year, Rob Kardashian and singer Rita Ora broke up.  After the emotional breakup, Rob gained more than 50 pounds due to depression.  This year, he was not seen in family’s events, but today he was spotted in Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills looking heavier than usual.

Khloé, Rob’s sister, announced that he has been struggling in losing weight but he is trying to go back to his normal weight:

“People give, especially guys, such a hard time to lose weight because people expect men to lose weight so much faster. But losing weight in general is so hard and it takes a lot of time and determination. It doesn’t happen in one day!”

“He’s definitely working on it but it takes time. I’m just happy that he’s feeling good about himself. He’s on his own.”

Rob Kardashian2

Aside from working out twice daily, Rod is also taking some supplements, he said:

“I really needed a change. There’s just a lot going on in my family, a lot of stress and negative attention. So, this is just part of that positive reset button. All I’m just trying to focus on is my health and just getting back to that happy point.”

“I feel like people see a lot of unhappy points, which is not me. I just want to get back to the good points. I’m 26 years old; I’m supposed to be enjoying my life.”

It is a fact that weight can be gained easily however it is quite difficult to lose it, do you agree?

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terrence-howard-and his new wife

Terrence Howard had recently tied the knot again with his new girlfriend.  This is the fourth marriage of the actor.  According to reports, Howard and his new wife were just dating for one month.  The actor’s divorce with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent was finalized back in May.  It is not yet clear when the wedding occurred but the new couple where spotted last month during the premier of “The Best Man Holiday.”

Howard’s ex-wife Michelle Ghent recently filed a restraining order after she received a threatening text from Terrence which says:

terrence-howard-and his new wife2

“I will become Satan himself.  You were my last chance to love. I will now hate in all things and seek my vengeance upon Humanity for all the wrongs ever done to me!!! I have suffered because of my faith and will now destroy the world of mankind. You just killed the last grain of light within me. Now the darkness has begun. I hate all things because of you. The antichrist is here! “

Sometime love can make people say things that are crazy.  Do you agree?

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On Thanksgiving Day, Lindsey Vonn returned to the slopes where she crashed.  Vonn was spotted at Copper Mountain in Colorado skiing for the first time after she suffered injuries from the training accident.  The 29-year-old athlete posted a photo on her Facebook page with the message:

“First day back on snow since my crash and it was awesome!”

“I’m very thankful for many things this year (family, loved ones, great fans) but at this moment I’m happy to be on the mountain doing what I love—skiing! Happy thanksgiving everyone!”


The girlfriend of Tiger Woods is still not certain when she could race again, she admitted:

“If [things don't go well] I’m going to have to reassess,” she said. “I’m feeling good from rehab—I feel stable, and I’ve put some weight [on my knee].  It felt really good. I’m very hopeful, but I really don’t know until I get on snow.”

“There definitely is a long ways to go there, but I’m confident it’s going to be ok. At this point that’s all I can do is stay positive.”

It’s nice to know that she is recovering quickly!

When will she race again?

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It’s nice to see a dad carrying his baby’s car seat.  Last night, Kanye West was carrying the car seat of Baby Nori as he and Kim left from his apartment in New York City.  During the previous months when Kanye was interviewed by Kris Jenner, he revealed that he is experiencing car seat anxiety.  The singer said:

“I’m embarrassed in front of my girl when I can’t work the car seat. Let’s add on top of that 20 grown men screaming at me while I’m in front of my child, my girl… and them taking photos… and putting them on 20 media outlets… and then 20 million Americans are screaming at me talking about ‘You don’t know! You’re supposed to be a genius; you don’t know how to work the car seat!’ and then I just wake up in a cold sweat and I run outside and I’m working on trying to figure out how to work a car seat at three in the morning… you have enough things to do and learn as a new parent, and you add that layer on top of it, it becomes really intense.”

Do you know how to work a car seat?

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Kanye West Kanye West

When Kanye West was spotted at a gas station, he was very calm and talked to the paparazzi about his personal thoughts.  There were five or six photographers that quickly gathered around him to ask him some questions.  Kanye explained to them why he attacked the paparazzi when he was at LAX.  According to Kanye, during that time that he discovered that his grandfather was dying, he said:

“It’s not about being a superstar, it’s about being a human being. One of these guys was saying some bulls–t earlier about, ‘You’re supposed to respect doctors.’ You gotta respect human beings. It’s all good. My family is growing up. If you had a daughter and you guys were saying crazy s–t to me all the time, right. You say it to my family, you ask about this, I couldn’t imagine my daughter being four years old and you guys screaming at them. I think somebody screamed at Tom Cruise’s daughter. I mean, the guy set me up at the airport the other day, laughing and s–t. What I didn’t get to say on Jimmy Kimmel was that’s the day I found out my grandfather was not going to make it. He passed two weeks later. But when I’m coming out of the airport and it’s Kanye, whatever, f–k with him, we’re gonna antagonize him. I try and stop his camera and stuff. He fell down, faked it and people talking about, ‘Oh yo, why’d you hit that guy?’ I obviously didn’t hit the guy, but I’m going through s–t. I’m trying to have a business call. I know you guys are going to photograph me. I know it makes a cool photo. I got a cool a– car and s–t. I got a dope a– outfit on. It’s all good and s–t.”

Kanye West Kanye West

Kanye also explained that they should work together since the paparazzi were also helping in “Kim’s power,” he said:

“We’re in this together. You guys help me influence, you help with the family, you help Kim’s power. So, I’m not trying to be at you guys any type of negative way. I don’t want you guys to be negative [with] me. I would prefer that we would have a decent relationship.”

What can you say about Kanye’s explanation?

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Keyshia Cole has reconciled with her sister Neffe.  It all started when Neffe showed her support to her sister and brought her new shoes.  A photo of the two was posted by Instagram user Rob Hatcher with the message:

“This moment made my day!! @IAmNeffeteria & @KeyshiaCole #SistersForever #TogetherAgain #stevemaddencollection Neffe came to support & congratulate her sister & bought a pair of these bangin shoes!!! #GoKeyshia”


Neffe also posted her own message on Twitter:

“You cannot separate #Blood it’s infused with love, power,& the ability 2 move on 2 what God has 4 his children!”

Last January, Keyshia called Neffe a leech on Twitter.  The two siblings have not spoken ever since.  An intervention from Oprah and Iyanla could be a great help.  However, it did not get that far because they are now talking again.  It’s nice to see that they are now in good terms.