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Kyla Pratt Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt has managed to keep her two pregnancies.  Last year, she has given birth to a healthy baby girl.  She is also having her second child with boyfriend Danny Kilpatrick.  While she was promoting the new season of BET’s Let’s Stay Together, she also revealed the reason why she kept her pregnancies.  She said:

“I just feel like that was something personal that I wanted to experience and enjoy myself. Especially with the social media nowadays, people are easily able to reach you and easily able to say what they want to say without any consequences. And when you’re pregnant, you’re hormonal, you have a lot of things going on. My fear was somebody saying something, and it really affecting me when it doesn’t really matter.”

Kyla Pratt Kyla Pratt

“So when I announced I had a daughter, we got a lot of backlash, but I didn’t care. I had my baby. But when you’re pregnant, you don’t know what somebody’s gonna say or what’s gonna affect you or how you’re gonna feel. And I just felt like that was just something personal that… I loved my pregnancy! Every moment! I wasn’t hiding! You thought I was sitting in the house with the shades drawn? Like, no! I went to Disneyland eight months pregnant. I had a HUGE baby shower. I just had people around me who respect me and understand where I was coming from.”

“But I also feel like if I was to have another baby and if I had something to promote, I wouldn’t mind being on the red carpet to promote that. But I’m not just gonna be on the red carpet just to be on the red carpet. I’ve been in this business for a very long time, so getting attention is not something that excites me. So if I have something to promote or project to tell people about it, I’d have no problem walking around like, ‘Hey! Look at my bump!’ But if I was just chillin’, I’m just chillin’, enjoying mommyhood and decorating nurseries and stuff like that.”

This is something that we have to respect since not all people will feel happy for you.  Do you agree?

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Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama And Son Nixon Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama And Son Nixon

Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew Knowles’ son Nixon, revealed that she will keep on fighting until they can get the help that they need.  Alexsandra, 44, and her son had their first interview on Inside Edition.  She admitted that Mathew did not spent time with his son and at the same time he did not even bother to introduce their son to Beyonce.

Wright also revealed that she has no intention of making this scandal public in fact she has tried everything that she could however it was Mathew who was responsible in making it open to the public. Wright explained, “I tried everything to not have it public. But unfortunately, that’s just not the way that Mathew chose to deal with this.”

Alexsandra also affirmed and she and Mathew were having a relationship for 18 months during the time when he was still married to Tina Knowles.

Mathew Knowles And Son Nixon Mathew Knowles And Son Nixon

Wright also claims that Mathew planned to give their son to Beyoncé and Jay Z.  She said:

“I don’t expect Beyoncé to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation. Beyoncé and Jay Z have never attacked me. They’ve done anything wrong to me. They’ve never been negative at all.”

Did Mathew abandon his son?

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Kerry Washington Kerry Washington

After attending the red carpet for NAACP Image Awards last Saturday, Kerry Washington went to Shonda Rhimes’ house on Sunday for her baby shower.  Despite the fact that Kerry’s husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, was not able to make it, the party was well attended by her friends as well as her family.  There were over 60 guests including Kerry’s mother and sisters-in-laws, Chisara Asomugha and Udo Asomugha.  Kerry’s mother-in-law, Dr. Lilian Asomugha, was also there including her Scandal co-star, Darby Stanchfield plus many more.

The party started at 11a.m. and Kerry was spotted wearing a light blue denim maternity dress.  Jane Fonda shared some details about the party on her blog.  She wrote:

“Today I was at Kerry Washington’s baby shower. She’s 7 months pregnant and looking radiant. It was a wonderful party with guests being asked to go into a photo booth and take 6 different poses that were then mounted on a black paper where we could write a message; signing a diaper (I wrote “I hope everything comes out alright!”), putting signed thumb prints onto a drawing of a tree—I had no idea there could be so many nice ways to commemorate the up-coming event and leave loving memories for mom and baby.”

Kerry Washington Kerry Washington

“I hadn’t seen Kerry since she was pregnant and as soon as I saw her with her gorgeous belly I starting crying. Then Kerry’s mother spoke, giving words of wisdom to Kerry and the rest of us about how to raise a baby to be a happy, fully realized, person. I started crying again (and it wasn’t because I wanted to go back and do my own raising of my own kids all over again with more wisdom, though that did press in on me) . . . it was because her words moved me.”

Since she was wearing blue, there were speculations that she will be having a baby boy.

Is it going to be a boy?

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Ludacris Ludacris

Ludacris just made one of the surprising moves during his custody fight with his latest baby’s mother Tamika Fuller.  After claiming that he is not capable of paying for the child support, he now wants to have full custody.

Ludacris also admits that he was financially hurt because of the death of Paul Walker, his co-start in Fast and Furious 7.  What’s more is he is also asking for Tamika to pay him for child support.

According to TMZ:

“The rapper now says in legal docs he’s a “fit and capable parent” and should get full physical custody. He offers up his parental resume, saying he’s always been “an active father” to his 12-year-old girl.”

“Now the plot thickens.”

Ludacris Ludacris

“Luda has also asked the judge to force Tamika to pay HIM child support. That’s interesting, because Tamika was asking for $15K a month in child support and Ludacris pleaded poverty, saying Paul Walker’s death derailed “Fast & Furious 7″ and his cash flow dried up. The judge awarded her $7K a month.”

Isn’t it interesting?

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Lil Kim Lil Kim

During the New York Fashion Week, Lil Kim debut her pregnancy.  The father of her baby is her boyfriend, Mr. Papers.  Mr. Papers confirmed on the Rickey Morning Smiley Show that he is indeed the father of Lil Kim’s baby.  He also revealed that they are expecting a baby boy and did not reveal any names yet.  He said:

“Yeah, that’s my baby…I don’t really wanna give that to the world yet, but we gon’ let y’all know soon though. Word. You know what I mean? We ain’t gon’ hold it too long…He gon’ be a Gemini though. You know what I mean? But I don’t really wanna give you all that information.”

Lil Kim Lil Kim

When it comes to the status of their relationship, he denied the break-up rumors.  He revealed to the radio show hosts:

“Nah, we together, brother. Everything good. You know how they like to talk. Ain’t nothing. We together. That’s my wife. That’s my baby.”

Are you already excited about Lil Kim’s baby?

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Evelyn's Baby Shower Evelyn’s Baby Shower

Evelyn Lozada will just have to wait for one month before delivering her baby.  The star of Basketball Wives recently took some time in inviting her friends for her baby shower which was held in Los Angeles.  Evelyn looks gorgeous in her sleeveless white gown with a plunging neckline.  This only proves that she can still look hot and sexy even if she is pregnant.

The baby shower which was themed “Diapers & Diamonds” were attended by many guests including Love & Hip Hop’s Rashidah Ali, Julissa Bermudez, Marrying The Game’s Tiffney Cambridge, Tasha Marbury and a lot more.  The event was hosted by her friend Shaunie O’Neal as well as her daughter Shaniece.

Evelyn's Baby Shower Evelyn’s Baby Shower

On the mirror, the soon to be mom wrote a wonderful letter for her unborn son.  Part of the message is:

“I’m beyond excited to know that I will be meeting you soon. I promise to protect you and guide you and give you everything you need so you grow up into the amazing man I know you will be.

All my love, mom”

Isn’t it cute?

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Ciara Ciara

Despite the fact that Ciara is currently pregnant, she still managed to perform during the Grammy afterparty celebration.  The singer and her not-yet-born baby performed for the first time at the Hyundai/Grammys Celebration Activation held at the Convention Center in L.A.  CiCi was all in black as she performed most of her hit songs such as “Goodies,” “DUI,” “Like a Boy,” “Overdose,” and others.  She also revealed that she won’t be able to do some of her signature moves due to her present condition.  She said:

“There’s some moves that my body won’t let me do like, sit down mama. Slow down.”

Ciara considered Future as an awesome support, she admitted:

“[Future's] the best. Literally like my best friend and so sweet. He’s been the best support I can have. He’s been to every doctor visit with me so it’s been really cool.”

ciara ciara

Cici also confessed that she had to wait for the right time before telling her parents about her pregnancy, she said:

“I think it’s important I do things on my time. Some people I know may have asked me questions about whether the [pregnancy] rumor is true and I felt so bad because I told them a story. I even told that to my mom and dad.”

“I didn’t tell my mom and dad as early as I wanted to because I wanted to see them in person, and with my schedule, I travel so much so it was hard to really be able to tell them, or everyone how I wanted to. Of course my family knows now. It was just important to me, to share something so special, that I do it on my time. You have to get through the first trimester and all those important times, so I just wanted to do it right and do it in a way that I felt was comfortable.”

What can you say about Ciara’s performance?

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Kim Kardashian on Ellen Kim Kardashian on Ellen

Kim Kardashian recently visited Ellen and shared some photos of her adorable daughter who is already 7 months old.  The cute baby may have inherited his personality from her mom as she smiled on the photos.  During the interview, Kim also revealed the difficulties she had experienced while being pregnant as well as Kanye’s insufficient skills when it comes to changing diapers.

When it comes to Nori’s personality, Kim revealed:

“She changes all the time. One day she’ll look like Kanye [and] one day she’ll look like me. It’s so crazy. And her personality is so cute. She is really calm and really quiet.[...]She’s seven months yesterday.”

North West North West

How is Kanye as a father?  She said:

“He is honestly the most amazing dad. He loves her so much. He just left to go out of town so I send him a picture and video every day. And he’s like, ‘She grew up so much!,’ and I’m like, ‘Babe, it’s been one day. You haven’t seen her in a day. Not a lot has changed.’ But he really is a hands on dad. He’s not a diaper kind of guy. He’s not diaper-changing kind of guy, but he would if it’s an emergency, he will. But I love that time.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but I love my time with her when she’s on the changing table. She tries to talk so much and I really enjoy that bonding time when I’m with her.”

Isn’t she cute?

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Ciara Ciara

Ciara finally admitted her pregnancy on The View.  She also had a talk with social commentator Marc Lamont Hill when she visited Huffington Post Live.  During the interview, the pregnant singer was glowing as she revealed the gender of her baby.  The mom-to-be also talked about her bonding moments with the mothers of Future’s kids.

What can she say about her pregnancy?  Ciara said:

“It really is a blessing. It’s the most exciting time in my life. I’m really excited, like a little kid. You know when the kids are getting ready for Christmas and you can’t wait to see what’s under the tree?”

When asked about the gender of the baby?  The singer answered:

“I did have a preference before I found out what it was. I had a preference at first and it was different than what I thought, but my fiancé got what he wanted. [Sidenote: The back and forth teasing between her and Marc Lamont kind of hinted it may be a boy].”

Ciara Ciara

Why is she bonding with the mothers of Future’s kids?  She admitted:

“This is my family. They are amazing women. I like to say they are.  I wanted to capture the moment of all of us being together, and shed the light on what it is with my family. It’s kind of a blended family concept and I wanted to shed the light on that because it’s so beautiful.”

“It’s all about love and it’s all about positivity and that’s what I’m about. His family is my family. Anyone that comes with him, it has to be love and that’s the same for me. So that’s how I live.”

“You know you can’t over think things. When things are right and people can have their own way of how they look at things, and how they want to judge and speak on something but you know what something is and that’s what matters.”

Is it a boy or a girl?

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ludacris ludacris

Recently, there was a shocking report that Ludacris had a baby from a certain woman but this woman is not his longtime girlfriend.  As the time goes by, there were several allegations that emerged.  Ludacris’ baby mama, Tamika Fuller, delivered a baby girl in December.  The news leaked when Ludacris filed for a paternity claim but he only wants to pay below $1800 a month.

Tamika claimed that Ludacris can afford more than that since he was spending $12,000 on pets as well as for caring his lawn.  On the other hand, Luda claims that Tamika is asking for a car as well as an amount of $7500 for the payment of her lawyer.

ludacris ludacris

Now, Tamika wants to reveal her side in order to set the record straight.  She wrote on her blog:

“It saddens me that it has come to this. I did not file on him. Nor would I ever try to attempt to extort my child’s fathers. Ive never asked him to buy me a car. I had engine trouble. I asked to borrow one of his during my pregnancy so that I could continue 2 get 2 work.”

“I have never been a stripper. I did waitress there in my past. I have since moved on from that. Some of the best people I know are dancers.”

“She has yet to meet her father and it’s unfortunate because I would never keep him from seeing her. Let’s not lose focus that an innocent child is involved and her best interests come before any of all of this foolishness.”

“In spite of all that has already happened I just ask that the negativity stop towards him and I. We have a child to co parent. Be blessed.”

It would be best if they can work this out for the sake of their child.  What do you think?

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