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Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper, 39, was previously married to Jennifer Esposito.  He also dated Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana.  Last February, during the ELLE Style Awards, he met Suki Waterhouse, 22.  The actor revealed that she is the one for him.  He revealed, “She’s wonderful, the one for me. It feels great.”

On Sunday, during the EE BAFTA Awards, the two were seen getting cozy with each other.  Bradley’s mother Gloria adores the couple.  According to a source, “Gloria’s been really won over by Suki.  She’s backing Bradley all the way if he wants to tie the knot with her.”

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse

“She thinks Suki is great for him and, although initially a little concerned about the 17-year age gap, that vanished as soon as she saw them together.”

Bradley is excited in settling down so that he can begin his own family together with Suki however he is somewhat concern about their age gap since Suki is still too young.

Aren’t they a great couple?

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Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez, 35, admits that she has been “hanging out” with Cara Delevingne, 21.  Last month, during a basketball game, both of them were seen kissing however Michelle reveals that they were just having “the best time” together.

During an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, she admitted, “It’s going really well. She’s so cool. When we started hanging out I just thought she was awesome, and we have the best time together. She’s hard though. You wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.”

Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez

During the BAFTA Awards, the actress was alone and she revealed that, “Cara’s at her own fashion week party tonight, so doing her own thing.”

When asked if both of them are in a relationship, Rodriguez insisted, “We’re just having fun.”  She also said that they enjoy each other’s company since they are both “crazy” and loves to “dork around.”

Michelle said, “We just dork around together. There’s no other way to put it because I might be ‘crazy’ but Cara’s crazier.”

Are they in a relationship or not?

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Lupita Nyong’o Lupita Nyong’o

The lovely actress Lupita Nyong’o seems to be having the best time of her life as she fulfills her dreams.  Lupita is very lucky in winning various awards for her fist movie “12 Years A Slave.”  Aside from this, she is also featured in a lot of prominent fashion magazines all over the world.  However, the tremendous attention that she is getting seems to be difficult for her.

Lupita Nyong’o Lupita Nyong’o

During her interview with the latest issue of New York Magazine, she revealed that she was worried about her recent confrontation with the paparazzi and admits that she is now living in a bubble.  She said:

“I don’t know who they were waiting for, but they definitely chased me down, which is a startling, disturbing experience. I did not expect it. I went into flight mode.[...]There are so many highlights that are no longer highlights. I’m living a very swollen life.”

“I’ve been in a bubble. I haven’t been out much. I haven’t gotten used to being recognized.” More than that, “I was blissfully ignorant of the magnitude of the project I was in or what it was going to mean for the world.”

What can you say about Lupita’s success?

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Matthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey revealed his desire to make films which can “scare” him.  McConaughey, who was recently nominated in the Oscar for his role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ where he played the character of an AIDS victim, decided that he does not want to do any romantic comedy portrayals anymore after doing ‘How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days’ and ‘Failure to Launch’.

During his interview with Time Out London magazine, the actor admitted:

“I’m not going to carry on doing the same thing over and over. I was reading romantic comedies. And I liked them. But I wanted to do something that scares me a little bit.”

“The first move was saying ‘no’ to scripts. That was six months of ‘no’ and then a year of nothing. And something happened. I gained anonymity and suddenly it became a good idea for William Friedkin [director] to call about ‘Killer Joe’ or Steven Soderbergh about ‘Magic Mike’.”

Matthew McConaughey Matthew McConaughey

Although, the 44-year-old actor confesses it was quite difficult not having any projects for a long time.  However, he insists that he devoted his time to his family.  He spends quality time with his wife Camila as well as their kids, Levi, 5, Vida, 4 and 13-month-old Livingston.

What are your thoughts about McConaughey’s Oscar nomination?

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Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman died at the age of 46 due to drug overdose.  The Academy Award-winning actor was found dead on Sunday in his apartment.  Hoffman was best known for his Best Actor Oscar award for the film “Capote.”  This 2005 biopic is a story about the famous author Truman Capote.

According to reports, the body of the actor was discovered in the bathroom inside his apartment.  A needle was seen stuck in his arm.  The actor’s assistant was the one who found his body.  As of the moment, there is no official statement yet with regards to the cause of his death.  Hoffman has been struggling with his drug abuse.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman

In fact, in 2012 he entered into a rehab in order to treat his relapse which was caused by his usage of prescription pills.  However, after two years of becoming sober, he started to use heroin again.

Aside from winning the Best Actor Oscar award, Hoffman was also nominated in several Best Supporting Actor awards for his astounding roles in “The Master” (2013), “Doubt” (2009) and “Charlie Wilson’s War” (2008).

Condolence to the family of Philip Seymour Hoffman!

What are your thought about his death?

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Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey

Some people are wondering why Oprah Winfrey was being snubbed by the Academy.  However, there is one person who is not bothered at all, the media mogul herself.  Oprah Winfrey played the role of Gloria Gaines in the film, ‘The Butler.’  There are some who are expecting that Winfrey would get a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress category award.  Unfortunately, she was not nominated.  When Winfrey was asked about her comment, she said:

“Look at that category, and look who’s nominated in that category. My friend Julia [Roberts], and June [Squibb], who I don’t know, but Sally Hawkins, and Jennifer [Lawrence] and Lupita [N'Yongo]. I think that’s fantastic. I haven’t picked up the acting chops in 15 years, so to be able to be a part of a film that could get that kind of attention, that could earn that kind of audience respect that it has…I’ve been saying all along, ‘I already won.’ If anybody sees or reads anything that says I was the slightest bit upset…I had no expectation for a nomination. I really didn’t. I think I was the only person who didn’t in my group. And I just feel like, ‘wow’. What an amazing thing I got to do that. I really do.”

One of Oprah’s bestie Gayle King also has similar sentiments, she said:

Gayle King Gayle King

“Oprah doesn’t feel she was snubbed either. When you look at all the performances everybody who was nominated is someone that deserves to be there. She doesn’t feel snubbed at all. The day the nominations came out she’s at home reading a book and playing with the dog. She’s really good..and she loves Lupita.”

Was Oprah being snubbed?

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Beyonce-Jay-Z Beyonce and Jay-Z

It has been 15 years since Jay Z joined the music industry as a rapper.  Now, he is not only a great artist but he is also a wonderful father as well as an amazing husband to his talented and beautiful wife Beyonce.  Last Sunday, Beyonce performed a sexy number during the Grammys.  Later on, Jay Z moved closer and kissed Bey in front of the audience.  Jay Z was grateful for the award that he won and he thanked God not necessarily because of the award but because of the woman in his life.  He said:

“I want to thank God, I mean a little bit for this award, but mostly for that and all the universes for conspiring and putting that beautiful light of a young woman in my life.”

However, a particular writer of The New York Post calls Jay Z as “a poor excuse for a husband.”  In her article, she wrote:

“What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?”

“I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.”

Beyonce and  Jay-Z Beyonce and Jay-Z

She further added:

“It wasn’t surprising to see Jay Z, looking pleased at his wife’s hyper-sexualized exhibition on stage.” After all, “he’s made a living singing lyrics that call women ‘bitches’ and ‘hos,’ so we shouldn’t be surprised that he objectified his own wife on stage.”

“The sophisticates will say that what we saw Sunday were just the long-established stage personas of Beyoncé and Jay Z; why should their marriage change that?”

The article ended with a good question:

“Beyoncé had a career before she got married–should marriage change the way she performs?”

What are can you say about Bey’s performance?

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Rihanna Rihanna

Despite the fact that it’s snowing in NYC but that didn’t stop Rihanna from appearing on Good Morning America.  RiRi wore a nice business outfit as she chatted about winning the Best Urban Contemporary Album for the album “Unapologetic.”  She also has a new title which is the Philanthropic Partner of MAC Cosmetics.

What is her reaction to the Grammy award that she won this year for the album “Unapologetic”?  Rihanna said:

“I was so shocked. Really I was at home and one of my friends hit me and said, ‘You just won a Grammy,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ I went onto the Internet and I just saw [the word] Unapologetic. It was quite an emotional moment, surprisingly, but I was in shock. I was excited. It’s a good feeling to still be that excited at this point in my career.”

Rihanna Rihanna

What made her decide to be the new face of MAC?  She revealed:

“The thing about MAC as a brand that I really love and embrace [is] they don’t judge. They’re not here to say, ‘Be perfect.’ They want you to have fun as well as myself. I want you to have fun. I love having fun, but you have to be responsible. You have to be safe. Protect yourself. You have to look out for yourself because nobody else can do that for you. It’s real. It’s a real disease. If we can just protect ourselves and be more responsible about it, I think that’s important for young people.”

How did she feel after winning the first ever AMA’s Icon Award?  RiRi said:

“It is a very surreal feeling. It’s almost like I can’t touch it.  My mom, she’s so cute. It was one of those moments where I felt like I was dreaming. It didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t feel real because I feel like I  have so much more to do. I feel like ‘icon’…that’s such a  big title. It’s such a big thing to say or to even be said about myself. Now the pressure’s on. I have to live up to that and I have to keep making my fans proud.[...]Music is what I love to do so you never have to worry about me not doing that. I love making it.”

Do you like her album “Unapologetic”?

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Ciara Ciara

Despite the fact that Ciara is currently pregnant, she still managed to perform during the Grammy afterparty celebration.  The singer and her not-yet-born baby performed for the first time at the Hyundai/Grammys Celebration Activation held at the Convention Center in L.A.  CiCi was all in black as she performed most of her hit songs such as “Goodies,” “DUI,” “Like a Boy,” “Overdose,” and others.  She also revealed that she won’t be able to do some of her signature moves due to her present condition.  She said:

“There’s some moves that my body won’t let me do like, sit down mama. Slow down.”

Ciara considered Future as an awesome support, she admitted:

“[Future's] the best. Literally like my best friend and so sweet. He’s been the best support I can have. He’s been to every doctor visit with me so it’s been really cool.”

ciara ciara

Cici also confessed that she had to wait for the right time before telling her parents about her pregnancy, she said:

“I think it’s important I do things on my time. Some people I know may have asked me questions about whether the [pregnancy] rumor is true and I felt so bad because I told them a story. I even told that to my mom and dad.”

“I didn’t tell my mom and dad as early as I wanted to because I wanted to see them in person, and with my schedule, I travel so much so it was hard to really be able to tell them, or everyone how I wanted to. Of course my family knows now. It was just important to me, to share something so special, that I do it on my time. You have to get through the first trimester and all those important times, so I just wanted to do it right and do it in a way that I felt was comfortable.”

What can you say about Ciara’s performance?

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Queen Latifah, Madonna and Mackemore Queen Latifah, Madonna and Mackemore

One of the highlights of the Grammys his year was the wedding ceremony of 34 couples which was officiated by Queen Latifah.  As Macklemore’s performance for ‘Same Love’ was nearing its end, the couples marched on the aisles of the Staples Center.  Tens of millions of individuals who were watching the Grammys that night around the world were able to witness the wedding of the couples.  After the celebration, Queen Latifah commented:

Wedding on the Grammys Wedding on the Grammys

“It was something I took very seriously, that is someone’s life commitment to one another, you want to make sure you do it right. That’s what sunk in for me. To have your wedding in front of 100 million people is pretty momentous. I can say I was here and that will not leave me. I look forward to dashing off and signing all their wedding certificates.”

Madonna was also part of the special event.  She performed her 1986 hit, ‘Open Your Heart’.

Congrats to the couples!

Did you watched the wedding?

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