Cassie Models for the Young & Reckless Collection

Cassie Cassie

Cassie recently revealed that she had collaborated with Young & Reckless for their apparel collection.  It seems that the partnership was successful since they are now on phase 2.  In this new Young & Reckless collection, Cassie’s images were captured by famed photographer Jonathan Mannion.

There were also behind-the-scenes footages being captured by videographer Andre Landon.  Aside from chasing her dog “Bam Bam,” Cassie also welcomed a visit from model Cara Delevingne together with her girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez.  With regards to the collaboration, Cassie revealed:

Cassie Cassie

“You can expect just art. Something insightful. I think that…I spend a lot of time being quiet and I tuck myself away and I’m not always out there, so it’s cool when I get to collaborate with brands and other creative people and just, you know, come up with something really dope for kids to get into. I’m excited about it and it can’t get any better than this.”

Isn’t it a great collaboration?

Photo Credits: Fashion Bomb Daily, Young and Reckless

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