Blake Lively Flaunts Her Long Legs In Red-Hot Dress, Says Ryan Reynolds ‘Has Better Taste Than Me’


Blake Lively, the wife of Ryan Reynolds, was recently featured on the cover of the September issue of Lucky magazine.  Lively revealed her choice of style is dependent on her whims.  She said, “I never think about how other people will respond to the way I dress.  Dressing up is all about reflecting how I feel.”

Lively is also busy decorating their New York home.  She said, “With film and TV, you don’t see the results for months. Building a home, you get immediate gratification.”  The former ‘Gossip Girl’ star also revealed that she is happy to have a partner who has ‘better taste than me.’  She explained, “I’m very lucky to be with someone who has better taste than me.  We influence each other in different ways.”


“I was recently asked how my style has changed since I got married, as if I was living under some sort of dictatorship.  I should hope I dress differently at 25 than I did when I graduated high school. I hope I never stop changing.”

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