Barack Obama Celebrates 52nd Birthday, Proves He’s “Still Got It”

Today is Barack Obama’s 52nd birthday.  The president is spending part of his birthday celebration in Maryland particularly at the Camp David presidential retreat.  Although, the White House remained mum on how he celebrate the rest of the day.  Yesterday, Barack spent the day by playing golf with his friends.


Although, Obama has received lots of birthday greetings from the social media, the commander-in-chief also posted his own message saying “Still got it.”  He posted this caption on Instagram together with this photo.


Among all the tweets that the president received during this special day, the most romantic and sweetest of them all comes from his loving wife.  Michelle Obama posted this black and white photo with the message, “Happy birthday, Barack! Your hair’s a little grayer, but I love you more than ever. –mo,” a very cute and loving message coming from the president’s leading lady.

Happy Birthday, President Barack Obama!

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