Bad Katt!

Some celebrities truly disappoint us, even when we try really hard not to be judgmental! But the situation created by Katt Williams, well, we’d be a tad judgmental regardless of who was in his shoes!


So in the last few weeks things have really been going downhill for him. He has gotten into several; fights, owes the IRS BIG money, retired from showbiz, and now the comedian has been arrested and jailed by the police for endangering his children! It is being reported that the L.A. County Department of Children was tipped off and arranged a bust. The investigative team found “numerous guns and illegal drugs” around the house, leading to the arrest! As per the latest reports bail has been set at a whopping 100,000$ and his kids have been taken into protective custody!


Now if all we’re hearing is true, this is truly un-cool of Katt! We’re waiting to see how this new drama plays out, and we hope that whatever happens next is good for his poor children! Can you imagine how scared they must be??

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