Baby Boy ‘Innocence’!

What did we tell you?? Shakira’s baby turned out to be a prank after all!


For those of you who hadn’t checked into the celeb world the last couple of days, here’s an update: Shakira’s boyfriend and the father of her expected baby, Spanish football player Gerard Pique tweeted on Wednesday that Shakira had given birth to their baby boy, saying:

“Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your message”

Of course, both celebrities’ fans were ecstatic!


However, just as we suspected, this turned out to be a prank! On the day he tweeted this, Gerard’s country of origin, Spain, was celebrating the Day of the Innocents. This day is like April fool’s Day, where people play pranks on each other. And now Mr. Pique has admitted that this was his attempt at humor, saying ‘He has a name! His name is Innocence! Happy Day of the Innocents to everyone!’

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