Anita Baker Issues Statement After Rumored Arrest Warrant

Anita Baker Anita Baker

Recently, there were reports that the legendary singer, Anita Baker has an arrest warrant in Detroit.  TMZ reports that the 56-year-old Grammy-winning singer owed some money to Ray Smith Painting and Decorating and failed to pay.  It was not yet known why she refused to pay.  So far, Anita has not responded yet but she tweeted:

“WHATTT??!!… sittin’ in the kitchen watching this on TV. BIG time crazy. Atty on his way to TV Station. Devil sho is busy.”

Anita Baker Anita Baker

It seems that she is a little bit surprise by the news.  On Friday morning, Anita wrote a message on her twitter page, she says:

“As I slumbered & slept, he kept me safe from all hurt harm or danger… His Plan is Greater than man’s plan :) Cup OVERFLOWS w Gratitude! THANK YOU, for ALL the LOVE & LIGHT u’ve sent my way. All is well :) Light is Dim… But SHINING ANYway! Grateful 4 every lesson, ab”

Why did Anita refuse to pay the company?

Photo Credits: Euroweb, Aceshowbiz

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