Angela Simmons Looks Amazing On ‘Culture Starved’ Magazine

Angela Simmons Angela Simmons

Fashionista Angela Simmons seemed to be dominating the magazine industry lately.  This talented designer was recently featured on the Culture Starved magazine.  Inside the magazine, Angela looks so sexy and cool on the photos taken by Bukunmi Grace.  She also talks about her style, her inspiration as well as how she selects the designers that she would like to feature on her site.

What is Angela’s definition of fashion?  She said:

“Fashion is everything to me! I like to incorporate fashion in everything that I do! Fashion is always evolving and it always allow me to be creative.”

How did she select the designer that she wants to feature on her site?  Angela said:

“I hand pick designers based on the designs and creativity! We love supporting new and upcoming designers!”

What are the things that inspire Angela?  She said:

Angela Simmons Angela Simmons

“Traveling inspires me! I am very inspired by art and different artists!”

What advice can she provide to those people who are enthusiastic in getting into the fashion industry?  Angela said:

“My advice for anyone interested in getting into fashion industry, is to take internship opportunities, Study your field, don’t give up and do what you love, love what you do!”

Isn’t it a great advice?

Photo Credits: Bukunmi Grace

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