The ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2′ REVIEW

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2 Review

The twilight series has taken us all on a mystery ride… not knowing how the saga would end. CelebsGotNews gives a review on Breaking Dawn Part 2.

After the long overdue ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ was released, CelebsGotNews was very frustrated realizing that the movie would end with what we call a slide-show of old twilight footage. We were looking forward to a full 2 hours of action, love, drama and blues.

We were expecting to see Renessme(Bella and Edwards daughter) vampire “gifts” in full effect. Instead of just imaging what future strengths her powers of touching faces could do. In the “Breaking Dawn 2 saga,” Rnessme shares her powers to witness to The Volturi and Cullen Clan her immortal gifts in hopes that her family would no longer be in danger.

We believe that twilight fans were cheated!!! The twilight saga-Breaking Dawn 2 was about 1 hour and 54 minutes and when you subtract the coming attractions (about 20 minutes) and slide-show (about 5 minutes) that leaves 1 hour and 30 minutes of the movie.

Secondly, CelebsGotNews thinks Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg could have given fans less footage of the vision….The Volturi being slaughtered and more clips of Renessme as an adult and with Jacob. Rosenberg and  Stephanie Meyer were the creators of the storyline, ‘twilight saga.’ CGN holds them responsible for introducing the world to the idea of a human/vampire and not giving fans a grand finale of what a humanlike vampire could do.

We also could see that Rosenberg and Meyers was implying in “Breaking Dawn 2″ that Renessme and Jacob were soul mates and would become lovers. They should have given viewers more footage to see what the two soul mates lives would entail.

  For these reasons, CelebsGotNews gives BREAKING DAWN 2, a Rating 8/10!!!

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