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Serena Williams Serena Williams

Congrats to Serena Williams for grabbing her 7th Sony Open title.  Serena was victorious in conquering the title against her Chinese opponent Li Na.  The event was held at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne, Florida.  Serena also won the Sony Open title last year.

Serena has already surpassed the record of tennis player Andre Agassi in winning the most number of Sony Open titles.  According to the No.1 ranked tennis player, her fans helped her in winning the title.  She said, “It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, if I can just hang in here and just try to enjoy myself. Honestly the crowd pulled me through. I heard some fans go, ‘Go Serena.’”

Serena Williams Serena Williams

Serena was truly grateful to her fans, in fact, after the match, she gave her shoes to one lucky fan.  She also posted a photo with her dad with the caption, “With my trainer @mackieshilstone after the match. I gave my fans my shoes! #7″

Kelly Rowland and her fiancé Tim Witherspoon also attended the match to cheer Serena.

What can you say about the match?

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2 Chainz 2 Chainz

2 Chainz is now being sued by a certain woman named Tina for allegedly ruining her reputation.  It all started when Tina was being filmed backstage during a concert and she was given the label of THOT.  On the viral video entitled “#IsThisYoThot” Tina was spotted entering backstage and searching for Cap 1, 2 Chainz’s friend.  Chainz quickly asked his crew:

“Is this yo thot?”

Despite the fact that Tina was already informed about the recording, she did not seem to mind at all. In the video, she says:

“Aww sh-t! This is going on a blog, forreal?! This is going on a blog and you’re really recording? Do I look good? You guys can follow me at Iluvtinaa on Instagram.”

Now that the video went viral, Tina is fighting back.  She posted on her Instagram:

2 Chainz 2 Chainz

“I feel like @hairweavekiller [2 Chainz] should feel as much embarrassment as I have endured these last couple of days for what he has done to my life, he has not apologized publicly and tries to contact me privately. Everyone re post this at @breakfastclubam@cthagod @angelayee @djenvy because 2 chainz should be the #donkyoftheday let’s get me on the breakfast club so I have a chance to tell my side of the story!”

“I’m at my lawyers right now, finalizing the paperwork, be prepared for a civil lawsuit @hairweavekiller@caviardreamz_ you had no right do ruin my life and tarnish my image like this! Now you will both answer for it!”

Do you agree that Tina should sue 2 Chainz?

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Benzino Benzino

It was a tragic event for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino, when he was suddenly shot by his nephew Gai Scott during the funeral of his mom.  Benzino was shot inside his car during the funeral procession.  He was immediately brought to a nearby hospital and he is presently recovering at the moment.  He also posted a statement on his Instagram page:


Benzino Benzino

Benzino’s fiancée Althea aka Thi Thi, also posted some pictures on her Instagram with the caption:

“Baby I <3 you. I will never leave your side. I’m Bonnie to your Clyde U ARE THAT NIG!!!”

Benzino responded by writing:

“Feel much better, GOD IS REAL @luvheraltheaheart is my SOULMATE……. MY MOTHER TOUCHED ME, IM CERTAIN.”

Benzino’s nephew Gai Scott was already arrested.

Why did Gai shot Benzino?

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Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

It is quite amazing that Nicki Minaj still finds time to throw a sweet 16 birthday party for her baby brother Micaiah.  Because of this gesture, she might be awarded with a “Best Sister Ever!” award.  On this very special day, she gave her baby brother a New York Knicks-themed cake.  In order to make the special occasion more extraordinary he managed to make her brother receive birthday messages from his favorites such as basketball players LeBron James, Chris Paul and others.

Minaj wrote:

“They can take it all. Just leave me with these two. Jelani, my big brother…. Love of my life. LOVE of my life. He’s not flashy so him “casually” showing off a Rolex made me crack up. Nothing else matters if u don’t have the ppl who hold your heart right by your side.”

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

“Thank u to Lil Wayne, Baby, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Diddy, Chris Paul, Fab, Tyga, Mack, Tez, Gee Roberson, SB, Scoob, LaLa and Sherika for helping to make Caiah’s party even more special. U guys r simply amazing, humble and sweet. I’ll never forget it. Sometimes I have to remind myself of what’s “really” important. If u could only see how his face lit up when seeing these superstars. Lol. That’s all a big sister could ask for. Thank u. Love”

Isn’t it so sweet?

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Angela Yee Angela Yee

Radio host Angela Yee shares the valuable lesson that she has learned from her vocation.  She reveals that it is not good to make a choice based only on your fame.  The sample that she cited is her choice in joining Power 105′s The Breakfast Club, rather than joining Hot 97.  Yee was previously offered with a job in their recent rival, Hot 97.

During a recent interview, Yee revealed the reason why she declined the station.  She said:

“It was a practical decision that I’m glad I made. When they offered me the job at Hot 97, I just didn’t like the whole way that it happened. Cipha [Sounds] and I used to work together at Sirius. He left to go to Hot 97 and he definitely wanted me to come with him. Before they even offered me the job, they told everybody in the building that I was coming to work there. They were pitching me for advertisers. Mind you, no one had spoken to me. No one had offered me a job. So my job is like, ‘Yo, are you leaving and going to Hot 97, ’cause that’s what we’re hearing?’ I’m like, ‘No. I haven’t even spoken to anybody over there. No one’s talked to me.’ So I think they just assumed no one ever turns down a job there. So, she’s gonna definitely going to take it. I came in there. “

She further added:

Angela Yee Angela Yee

“They offered me the job. I said, ‘Well, I need to think about it.’ And he was like, ‘You need to think about it? What do you need to think about?’ I’m like, ‘I need to think about the low money that you offered me because I make more than that at Sirius now.’ The fact that I wouldn’t be an equal on the show, that was one of my main things. It was Cipha Sounds and [Peter] Rosenberg. I said, ‘Am I gonna be equal to them?’ [They said] ‘No you’re not. Your name’s not even gonna be on the show.’ I was like, ‘Well, I have my own show right now. Why would I leave having my own show to come be on a show that I’m not even part of? I’m just an extra person and you’re paying me less money.’ Practically, it didn’t make sense to me, practicalitywise. That’s why I turned it down.”

Did Yee made the right decision?

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TI and Tiny Cottle TI and Tiny Cottle

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottles seems to be busy these days with the promotion of her VH1 reality show, ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’ season four.  The reality star recently visited the Sway Morning Show to promote her show and to discuss about other things.  She talked about her daughter’s love life, Kim Kardashian and her business ventures.

When asked if her eldest daughter is sexually active?  Tiny said:

“No, she’s really not. It’s amazing, she’s like a really different child for me. Her and one of the girls in the group, me and her mother we grew up together. So we were together when we were like 13, 14 years old. They are just a new product of us but better…I’m just proud of her. She totally different than the normal 18-year-old.”

Tiny Tiny

Is she still a virgin at the age of 18?  Tiny revealed:

“No, she’s a better version..She’s made [it] this far, I’m so proud of her.”

Will you be watching ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’?

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Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Ray Rice and Janay Palmer

On Feb. 15, NFL’er Ray Rice allegedly hit his fiancee, Janay Palmer.  The incident took place at the Revel Casino.  On March 27th, the grand jury in Atlantic County decided to indict the player on the charge of aggravated assault.  Initially, it was just a case of simple assault but the prosecutors decided to turn it over to the grand jury and the charged was raised to aggravated assault.  If convicted, Rice could get imprisoned for three to five years.

According to Ray’s attorney, Michael Diamondstein:

“On behalf of Ray Rice, we vehemently deny he committed aggravated assault. We think the matter of the charges involved will not be substantiated. Ray and Janay Palmer are together. They’re in counseling and happy. Neither wish to see the other prosecuted. For some reason the State of New Jersey prosecuted. As always, we only hope the public reserves judgement until the facts are brought to light.”

Ray Rice Ray Rice

According to Ray’s team, the Baltimore Ravens:

“This is part of the due process for Ray. We know there is more to Ray Rice than this one incident.”

Should Rice be indicted?

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Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart

Sometimes we can expect reunion shows for reality TV shows to be the best and also the worst.  On Thursday, the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta started filming for the show and there was a fight that occurred.  As stated by Radar Online, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a physical fight.  It all started when Kenya began commenting about Porsha’s ex-husband, NFL’er Kordell Stewart. According to the source:

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore”

“Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair.”

The RHOA reunion set was not at all surprised about the fight.  It seems that Kenya has entirely crossed a line when she was insulting Kenya’s sex life.  The source added:

“Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

Porsha Williams Porsha Williams

When the fight occurred, the security guards were immediately brought in.  The source said:

“They couldn’t get Porsha off Kenya!”

What can you say about the fight?

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Tami Roman Tami Roman

After the “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman fainted, she was quickly brought to the hospital in Houston.  Apparently, the reality star passed out because of stress and dehydration which is also associated to her diabetes diagnosis.

Tami’s publicist announced her condition saying:

“Tami is rehabilitating at a private hospital in Houston and is expected to make a full recovery. Tami is currently filming two TV shows, traveling back and forth between Houston & Los Angeles so her body became overwhelmed.”

Tami has been busy lately after she released her lip glosses and nail polishes in Walgreens.  The reality star is presently working on her reality TV spin-off series “Roman Empire.”  At the same time, she is also busy with her new self-help book entitled “Mistresses 101.”

Tami Roman Tami Roman

Tami is quite busy these days which may have caused her stress.  Do you agree?

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Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland would be the right person to represent Caress since she has a stunning skin. Kelly just left her record label, so the timing for this new project is just perfect.  Today, the “Kisses Down Low” singer Kelly Rowland is officially the celebrity Fabulista of Caress.  Her new job would be to motivate women to enjoy their every life in a fresher way.

During her promotion, Kelly stressed that it is very important to feel fabulous every morning and Caress’ Emerald Rush is just what you need. Meanwhile, it’s finally official that she is leaving the record label, Universal Republic.   She said:

Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland

“I feel like right now, I just needed something new and I’ve earned the right to make my own choices and make my own decisions.  I wish them well, they wish me well. No hard feelings, I just needed a fresh, new start.”

Although, at the moment the singer has not yet settled on any decisions yet, she said:

“There are different offers on the table.  I just want to see what it feels like. I’m just in the studio on my own and just having a really good time just being creatively free.”

What do you think will be her next move?

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