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Lupita Nyong’o Lupita Nyong’o

We have seen actress Lupita Nyong’o in several award shows and red carpet appearances.  However, the highlight would be what she is going to wear during the Oscars, which is considered as the biggest show of them all.

When she was asked about the dress that she will wear during the Oscars, she revealed:

“I’ve definitely tried on more than 70. I think we might be in the 100s.”

She further revealed on The Daily Beast:

“I love color and gravitate towards solid block colors. I like clean lines and a classic look, but I also like to have a sense of humor and wear things that put a smile on my face. I like to wear things; I don’t like things to wear me. I don’t like fuss!”

Lupita Nyong’o Lupita Nyong’o

The actress also admitted that she is already excited about the Oscars which will happen on Sunday.  She said:

“I’m really looking forward to not setting the alarm. Not needing to wear makeup. Yea! It’ll be good.”

Will she look amazing on the Oscars?

Photo Credits: NY Daily News, Bella Naija

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan

This Friday, you will be able to watch a new horror film entitled “Repentance.”  It stars Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Ari Parker, Anthony Mackie, Forest Whitaker as well as Mike Epps.  Anthony Mackie plays the role of a life coach while Sanaa plays the role of the wife of Anthony Mackie and at the same time she is also a yoga instructor.

When Sanaa was asked about her role in the new movie “Repentance,” she revealed:

“So I play Maggie, I’m a yoga teacher who is married to Tommy [Anthony Mackie]. I don’t know if this actually comes across in the movie but my character dated Ben [Mike Epps] before she dated Anthony. And that’s kind of a little- it’s a little scandalous because they are brothers. So  there is a little history that adds to the tension between the three of them. But she’s really in love with Tommy and a loving wife and she kind of gets caught up in the repentance that he has to pay for these mistakes that he’s buried in the past.”

Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan

“The thing that I love about that story [is] it’s such a different kind of profession to see a black man in a movie have. I love the fact that we haven’t really seen that before.”

Will you watch the movie?

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Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

The new season of Mary Mary, which will premier tonight, deals about health issues as well as having a solo career.  However, the biggest controversy is about Tina Atkins-Campbell discovery that her husband of 13 years cheated on her.  Tina’s husband Teddy Campbell, who is also the drummer of The Tonight Show band, was cheating while Tina was busy with her gospel tour.

Mary Mary Season 3 Mary Mary Season 3

Tina revealed:

“Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road.[...]So I’ve got to wonder, ‘Since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?’[...]I’m broken. My heart is crushed. I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside! I need all the help that God can give because my situation is to’ up. ”

If you are married and your spouse cheats on you, would you quit on your marriage?

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Pharrell's New Album Cover Pharrell’s New Album Cover

Last week, Pharrell announced the upcoming release of his new album, G I R L.  However, when the cover of the album was revealed it created some controversy since it does not feature any black women.  Pharrell was immediately attacked on social media.  They accused him of someone who turn his back against his own particular race.

The singer responded by immediately calling Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club in order to clarify the issue.  She told the radio hosts, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God:

“What really disappointed me is they jumped the gun, because the one I’m standing closest to is black. She’s a black girl from Wisconsin that I used to date over 10 years ago. Maybe 12 years ago. That just must suck man for people to look at something and to assume they know what’s going on. If they just bothered to listen to my album, they would know that my album was an ode to women, period. And the one thing that’s I’m trying to kill…well I can’t kill anything…but the one thing I was trying to aid in changing the crazy statuesque standard of you gotta be white, waif, and thin for you to be beautiful.”

Pharrell Williams Pharrell Williams

“Man, it must suck to be that black woman that’s on my cover right now because she’s black.[...]When they find out that she is black, then what? Then we’re arguing amongst ourselves within color. Then the argument’s going to be she’s not brown enough. Then my question to you is, are y’all asking me do I have an Indian person on the cover? Why aren’t you asking about a Pakistani person? A Middle Eastern person on the cover. I just…man. What are we talking about? We’re making huge strides here. Let’s unify, dude. ‘Cause honestly, if you know anything about me, if you’ve seen any of my videos, you seen any of the girls I’ve ever dated, you know I like ‘em all.. You would know that.”

What are your thoughts on Pharrell’s album cover?

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K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

K. Michelle must have heard this from other people, not only once but maybe for numerous times already:

“You could go so far, if you changed your attitude.”

Last night, the star of Love & Hip Hop visited the Arsenio Hall Show and talked about her attitude.  She also discussed about how people perceived her on the Atlanta version as well as the New York version of Love & Hip Hop.  She revealed:

“I realize, when I was walking down the street people would run to the other side, that they might not perceive it as good all the time.”

K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall Show

“They think I’m mean. But really, if you ask the producers of the show, they will tell you that I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax, so that’s what you got to see.”

The singer further added:

“I don’t think it’s fair at all because they don’t”

What can you say about K. Michelle’s attitude?

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Kanye, Kim and Baby North Kanye, Kim and Baby North

Yesterday, the paparazzi gathered around Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as they were spotted leaving from their NYC apartment together with Baby North West.  Kim and Kanye traveled in different ways.  Kanye will do a performance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.  On the other hand Kim is going to Los Angeles.  Kim and Baby North were spotted in JFK airport.  Baby North looked so cute in her pajama set with ears.  Baby North has a rosy cheeks and shared some features with her mother.

Kim Kardashian and North West Kim Kardashian and North West

Last Friday, Kanye spend some time with his fans in Connecticut.  He also shared his biggest regret to his fans.  Yeezy said:

“These past 10 years have been amazing. There’s been some ups and downs. I made some mistakes and I’ve made some accomplishments. There’s only one thing I regret. There’s only one thing I wish I could change out of everything that’s ever happened. I wish that my mother could’ve met my daughter.”

Isn’t it so sad?

Photo Credits: NY Daily News, Mirror

Eve Eve

Last night, Eve and Azealia Banks were seen at the Paris Fashion Week.  Before this event occurred, they were also spotted at the Etam Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014 show.  The two rappers were performing while the models were on the runway wearing lingerie.

Azealia feels great that she was able to perform together with Eve.  She tweeted, “Eve is such a nice lady! So happy to have performed alongside her tonight!”

Last year, Eve also admitted that she desires to work with Azealia Banks but unfortunately Azealia was busy according to her reps.  Eve told The Breakfast Club Morning Show:

“[ When asked if she would tap her for the album?] Um, yeah? Didn’t we try to get her? I think she may have been one of the ones who was like, ‘I think I’m busy.’ I like her wordplay. I think she actually can rhyme. I just don’t like the drama. That bothers me.”

Azealia Banks Azealia Banks

Azealia revealed that she did not turn down Eve.  She tweeted:

“Def never even received a memo about collaborating ! Def never turned you down.”

Will there be collaboration between the two?

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Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson

We have known Jennifer Hudson the moment that she appeared on Terry Richardson’s studio.  It seems that her alter ego Jones was the one who is dominating over her during the photo shoot.

The singer is showing some fierceness on her latest photo spread for V Magazine.  Inside the magazine, Hudson revealed that people do not really know her at all.  This is something that she wants to resolve on her forthcoming album.  Hudson explains:

“Earlier in my career I was just a soloist singing other people’s songs.  Now I really want to be an artist. I want to lift the people up, have fun, create a moment. I have my own visions that I want to bring to life. People think I sit in church all day or stay at home and stare at my Oscar. It’s like I’m a nun or the president or something. I realized that people don’t really know who I am. It just feels like it’s time to take the training wheels off, you know? Let them see me.”

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson

This is just what she has done with her new album.  According to the magazine:

“The record features collaborations with Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Babyface, and shows off a markedly different side of Hudson’s personality. Among the tracks is a song called “Whatever Makes You Happy,” an empowerment anthem in which she invites everyone to be themselves, with a very Jenniferized refrain: “We don’t give a sh-t / We don’t EVEN give a sh-t!” (“There will be a clean version for the kids,” she offers.) More than anything, these songs seem to provide Hudson the chance to finally be herself—something that, despite the fact that everyone feels like they know her, has apparently been a problem.”

Do you like Jen’s new photo shoot?

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Towanda Braxton Towanda Braxton

It has been a week since Towanda exposed the tax issues of Tamar Braxton’s husband.  During her interview with Bossip, she explains that Tamar Braxton’s fans were a bit cruel to her since they were saying not so nice comments above her saying:

“I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus”

Towanda said, “See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.”

Tamar Braxton Tamar Braxton

According to Towanda, she has already regretted the things that she said.  Now it seems that everyone is against her including her sisters Toni and Tamar.  She said:

“After that I was in Twitter jail. Jail Jail. My publicist called me like get off Twitter, you’re done. Toni was like, “Umba! That’s not you, get off,. [Tamar] was pissed! Rightfully so… I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained,’Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew.’ Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way but we get it.’”

Towanda also explained that Vincent’s tax problem is already a public knowledge. She said:

“A  lot of people are like ‘Towanda, you just blasted the family business!’. I didn’t tell family business. That was already on the web. This was public knowledge before I said anything ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t divulge any secrets of the Braxton family. I don’t do that.”

Should Towanda be blamed?

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Draya Michele Draya Michele

Draya Michele recently visited Power 106 to talk about a lot of things including the reason why she left ‘Basketball Wives LA’ and why she decided on going ‘main stream.’  She also discussed about her clothing line in addition to her plans for a spin-off.  The reality star also explained the reason why her boyfriend does not approve of the show.

When it comes to her Fine A** Girls clothing line, Draya revealed, “Fine A** Girls is my clothing line. I made a clothing line for the girls who watch me, who support me, viewers of the show.”

Is their a possibility that ugly girls can wear her brand?

Draya responded, “Listen, I’ve already stated that fine is a state of mind so if you feel fine, then you are fine.”

Draya Michele Draya Michele

Does she feel that she is ready to leave Basketball Wives because of her brand?

Draya said, “Well, I think that Basketball Wives is my date to the prom so I gotta dance with her for a little bit because that’s who I came with, but I don’t have to go home to her at the end of the night. So I would like to do my own thing eventually, once the Basketball wives  train comes to a stop then I would like to graduate into the Draya Show and I’m already transitioning into that.”

What are your thoughts on Draya’s clothing line?

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