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Chris Tucker Rush Hour 3 movie image

Chris Tucker obtained an amount of $2.1 million for his L.A. Mansion.  Can you guess how much did he gain from it?  Well, half of this amount is Tucker’ profit.  The star of “Rush Hour” quickly gained one million dollars from his L.A. Mansion.  In 1996, Tucker bought this 6,399 sq ft mansion for only $1,113,500.  In 2011, he decided that he would sell it.  However, it took some time and finally it was sold last month.  The buyer paid $2.1 million for the mansion.


It was a cool price for a cool mansion which consisted of balconies, 7.5 baths, 5 bedrooms, pool and spa.  It also has high ceilings and uses french doors.  Can you imagine if Tucker can sell more houses then he would be able to pay all of his tax debts?

Do you have other houses to sell, Tucker? recently revealed that he was suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) when she was just a child.  The star of Black Eyed Peas said that he had a difficult time in accomplishing simple tasks.  But he was grateful to music because it has helped him a lot.  During an interview, he revealed, “I have ADHD. I’ll admit it… I’ve got all this stuff in my head at the same time as I’m doing stuff and I don’t know how to stop or slow down. But it’s all good because I know how to control it.

“For every obstacle there’s some type of solution. So if you have ADHD it’s your passion point. One thing I learned about ADHD is that it’s hard to keep your attention and you can’t sit still and you’re always moving and thinking about a whole bunch of things.

“But those traits work well for me in studios and in meetings about creative ideas… If I was stuck at a different job I’d be horrible and wouldn’t survive. Music is my therapy… Music keeps me sane and keeps my mind on something. It’s fragile up there.


“My mind would wander, and if it wanders then that’s not good because I could scare myself thinking of weirdo stuff. Music brings control to my thoughts. It’s not escape – it’s just order. I’m making order out of a disorder.”

What a humble revelation from!


NBA legend Michael Jordan got married for the second time to Yvette Prieto, his long time girlfriend.  The wedding took place in West Palm Beach, FL.  It was a private ceremony that was attended by the couple’s friends such as Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippen, Ahmad Rashad, Tiger Woods and others.  Usher serenades the new couple.

It is estimated that there were about 2,000 guests who were invited.  The wedding ceremony of the new couple was done at the Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church.  This is also the place where Donald Trump and Melania got married.  The photographers failed to take a shot at the arrival of the bride because there were a lot of umbrellas which were scattered.  Michael’s mom was wearing an ivory dress which looked great on her.  The guests of the wedding were entertained by Usher.  The reception was held in the tent near the house Michael Jordan.  According to sources:


“Three tents are being put up in his backyard, over the surface of two football fields.  I calculated a total under-roof space of about 600 feet long by 150 feet wide. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been working weddings for a while. It looks like he’s having about 2,000 people over.”

Congrats to Michael and Yvette!


There are some people who are not in favor of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship and one of them is Brown’s father.  According to Clinton Brown, the father of Chris Brown, he does not want his son to date Rihanna and he is not happy with their reconciliation.  During an interview, he revealed that he understood the feelings of his son for Rihanna but it is much better if they are on their own.  He said, “I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together.”

Clinton Brown was separated from his wife when Chris was just 6 years old.  He really thinks that the on and off relationship of Chris and Rihanna would not be a good foundation for having a good relationship in the future.  He explained. “You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”


Do you think Chris and Rihanna are grounded and logical?


It’s finally here!  The official cover of ‘Azusa The Next Generation’, the new album of Hezekiah Walker, is finally released.  You can avail of Walker’s latest album on June 11th.  The album is produced by maestro Donald Lawrence.  It will feature different collaborations from Brian Courtney Wilson, John P. Kee, Donnie McClurkin and Deitrick Haddon.


Do you know who the Top 1 Gospel Artist is?  Well, if you don’t then it is Andy Mineo.  Mineo has the biggest sales for his album which is entitled ”Heroes For Sale”.  Here are Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums:

Top 1 – Andy Mineo –  ”Heroes For Sale” – First Week Sales: 27,504

Top 2 – Tamela Mann – “Best Days” – Weekly Sales: 7,133/Total US Sales: 223,171

Top 3 – Fred Hammond – ”United Tenors: Hammond, Hollister, Roberson, Wilson” – Weekly Sales: 3,865/Total US Sales: 30,693

Top 4 – Various Artists – “WOW Gospel 2013″ – Weekly Sales: 3,435/Total US Sales: 77,082

Top 5 – Alexis Spight – “L.O.L. (Living Out Loud)” – Weekly Sales: 2,303 /Total US Sales: 14,128

Congrats to Andy Mineo for his number 1 album “Heroes For Sale“!


Fantasia’s life is a mixture of ups and downs.  But she wants to look forward and not backwards.  Aside from feeling better, the American Idol winner is also 50 pounds lighter.  She reveals:

“Working out started as something mental. It was a way to release and let some things go.”

Fantasia started to gain weight in 2011 when she was offered to play the role of Mahalia Jackson.  During that year, she was also pregnant with her son, Dallas Xavier.  In order to get back in shape, her trainer Sonya McRoberts provided her a workout plan.  Fantasia did the workout at home and even on the road.  She said:

“I workout every day, sometimes twice a day.  I keep my trainer with me and she travels with me. I love Pilates, yoga, and spinning. I also attend bootcamp class and they have become my workout family. Doing it with them makes me feel good.”

Aside from the workout, she is also careful in her food choices.  Fantasia revealed:

“The fried chicken, the collard greens with the fatback, it’s good when we eat them, but all of that stuff that we put into our bodies eventually breaks our bodies down. Sonya helped me come up with ways that you can still eat good, but it’s healthy.”


Losing weight has not been easy for Fantasia but she wants to be the model of her family as well as her fans.

“A lot of my cousins who are my age or are in their 30′s are on high blood pressure pills and it’s like, c’mon, you’re too young for that.  I wanted to be the person in my family to stand up and say, okay we have to eat better and workout. I want to be around for a long time. I can’t travel like I do and not be healthy. You know how I move on stage. At any minute I could just pass out and that’s not good.”

Fantasia is now slim and trim and she is planning to stay this way.

“I’m on that health kick right now. This is something I had to do for myself and for my family. I just feel confident. If no one ever says it, I can look in the mirror and say to myself, ‘Good God almighty, you’re a bad mama-jamma!’”

Way to go Fantasia!


Selena Gomez attended the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards last Saturday (April 27).  She looks so beautiful on the red carpet wearing a black Vince top, a black and white Blumarine skirt accompanied by a Nicholas Kirkwood heels   .  The event was held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  The young actress/singer will be singing her new single which is entitled “Come & Get It” during the show.

Selena tweeted about the event:

“This weekend I’m guest hosting The #WeekendCountdown on @SiriusXMHits1, talking about #ComeAndGetIt, my world tour and upcoming album!”

If you want to know if Selena received an award then don’t forget to watch it on May 4!


 Two and a Half Men will be having its 11th season courtesy of CBS.  In the new season, Ashton Kutcher got an increase.  He will now be receiving $700,000 per episode.  However, it is still lesser compared to Charlie Sheen’s income per episode which is $1.2 million.

On the other hand, Angus T. Jones does not have a full-time contract yet.  According to reports, they are still negotiating it.  There are rumors that the producers are planning to take him out of the show after he described the show as “filth.”  After revealing this statement on YouTube videos, Jones immediately apologized.  Charlie Sheen will not be part of the 11th season anymore after he was having some differences with Chuck Lorre.

Congrats to the cast of Two and a Half Men!

Spin Media, previously known as Buzzmedia, is the owner of over 40 web sites which includes Just Jared, Celebuzz and Concrete Loop.  Their websites are targeted to those people who love pop culture.  Last year, Spin Media purchased Spin magazine which ended the printing of their magazine.  They also lay off at least one-third of their employees.  The traffic of their website quickly doubled.


Vibe magazine is one of the greatest magazines for urban music.  This magazine has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and they have already featured famous personalities such as Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G. and the Death Row Records which includes Suge Knight, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.  The magazine briefly shut down in 2009 because of financial difficulties.  After receiving financial support from NBA legend Magic Johnson, the magazine reopened again.


According to the CEO of SpinMedia, Steve Hansen:

“It’s really exciting to add this [Vibe] to SpinMedia’s collection of music properties and bring more digital DNA to the team and see what they can do.”

“We’re still trying to find a print model that works with digital economics, and that continues to be a challenge. It’s not as though I have an aversion to print. It’s just a matter of the economics.”

Let’s just hope that Vibe magazine can keep up with its competitors.

Vince Vaughn is expecting another baby.  The actor shared the wonderful news during his interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Vaughn’s wife, Kyla, will be delivering their second child this summer.  The 43 year old actor revealed on the show, “This is the first time I’ve said anything.  We’re expecting our second child.  We’re very excited … [She's due] August 5th.”

Vince Vaughn Takes a Morning Walk with His Family

Vaughn described his wife as the best woman in the world, he said:

“I met the best girl in the world.  It gives you such a great purpose in my life. If I would’ve met her, I would’ve done it a long time ago.”

Vince Vaughn, the star of The Internship, and his wife Kyla, a real estate agent, tied the knot in January 2010.  The following December, the couple welcomed their daughter Locklyn Kyla.


After becoming a proud father of her 2-year-old daughter, the star of “Wedding Crashers” revealed:

“It gives you a different purpose.  I feel so grateful.”

Congrats Vince and Kyla!


Lauryn Hill finally broke her silence and responded to different issues such as her financial problems and her new record deal.  Yesterday, Hill posted this statement on tumblr:

“It has been reported that I signed a new record deal, and that I did this to pay taxes. Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment, to launch a new label, on which my new music will be released. And yes, I am working on new music.”

The former Fugees singer recently pleaded guilty for failure to file tax returns from 2005 up to 2007.  If found guilty then she could get imprisoned.  According to reports, Hill owed about $1.8 million and she should pay it until May 6.

Hill wrote her side of the story:

“I’ve remained silent, after an extensive healing process. This has been a 10+ year battle, for a long time played out behind closed doors, but now in front of the public eye. This is an old conflict between art and commerce… free minds, and minds that are perhaps overly tethered to structure. This is about inequity, and the resulting disenfranchisement caused by it. I’ve been fighting for existential and economic freedom, which means the freedom to create and live without someone threatening, controlling, and/or manipulating the art and the artist, by tying the purse strings. “

“It took years for me to get out of the ‘parasitic’ dynamic of my youth, and into a deal that better reflects my true contribution as an artist, and (purportedly) gives me the control necessary to create a paradigm suitable for my needs. I have been working towards this for a long time, not just because of my current legal situation, but because I am an artist, I love to create, and I need the proper platform to do so.”

Philly Fourth Of July Jam

“The nature of my new business venture, as well as the dollar amount reported, was inaccurate, only a portion of the overall deal. Keep in mind, my past recordings have sold over 50,000,000 units worldwide, earning the label a tremendous amount of money (a fraction of which actually came to me).”

“Only a completely complicated set of traps, manipulations, and inequitable business arrangements could put someone who has accomplished the things that I have, financially in need of anything.”

This is a great time for Hill to get back into the music industry.  Welcome back Hill!