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G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra from Paramount Pictures took $15.5 million last Friday.  It already gathered a total of $26 million in two days and it is expected that the sales will reach $50 million in four days.  Maybe it’s because of the Easter holiday that the movie had already gathered a total of $63.4 million worldwide.  It is anticipated that G.I. Joe will earn $110 million or even more globally.

GI Joe

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra which stars Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson had earned $10.5 million during its first day last Thursday.

Congratulations to the cast of G.I. Joe!


Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor was released over the weekend.  Robbie Jones, one of the stars of the movie, was asked to compare this movie with Tyler Perry’s previous movies?  He said:

“It’s his most powerful movie to date, and judging from the peoples’ response at the premiere, it is going to be that. It’s just very distinct in the fact that it has a much younger cast than he’s ever had before and such a really strong message to young people throughout the film. Hopefully that will distinguish it from his other films.”

He was also asked about his thoughts on temptation in a relationship and he said:

“Lack communication is huge. When people aren’t talking and aren’t communicating their wants and desires to their partner, it just leaves a lot of room for bottled up feelings and emotions. They have ways of coming out in the most inopportune moments. People express their unhappiness and dissatisfaction in ways they might not have even known was possible. If I’m in a relationship, we’re not going to sleep upset at each other. I don’t need to be upset, and I don’t need you to be upset. We’re better than that. I like to communicate it and talk it out, whether it’s a 15-minute conversation or three-hour conversation. We might agree to disagree, but we’re going to communicate until we’re blue in the face.”

When it comes to the worst advice, he said:

“The worst advice someone ever gave me was to go get you a Bentley. Just because I can afford a Bentley doesn’t mean I want one. The thing about me is I’m very simple. I have my Prius, and it’s awesome.”

Katherine Santana, who had seen “Temptation” said:

“Omg just got done watching your movie and it was amazing!!! You sent out so many good messages!! Me and my boyfriend have a kid and we are very young and all your movies are ou counseling and just a good reminder to always be true to each other!!! You’re such an inspiration!! Cannot wait for your next movie!!”

Have you watched the movie?

Rick Ross is recently criticized for the lyrics of his new single, “U.O.E.N.O. (You Ain’T Even Know It)”.  He says:

“Put molly (slang for pure ecstasy) all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it.”


These disrespectful lyrics have urged activists for women’s rights to create a petition on  They want Ross to apologize to the millions of women who are offended by his song.  Last Thursday, the rapper expained that it was all “a misunderstanding” since he is not condoning rape.

But it seems that the rapper has no plans of apologizing.  That is why; the members of UltraViolet are encouraging the management of Reebok to drop Ross from their brand.


The co-founder of UltraViolet, Nita Chaudhary suggested “We are appalled that Reebok would pay a spokesperson who brags about enjoying drugging and raping a woman.  Reebok devotes a lot of time, energy and money to marketing to women – and now they are paying a man who is literally bragging about raping us while absurdly insisting it can’t possibly be rape if he doesn’t use the word ‘rape’.  Reebok is apparently OK promoting rape culture, but when one out of five women are the victim of an attempted or completed rape, that has consequences.”

So far, the campaign has already gathered 51,000 signatures and if Reebook will not respond then UltraViolet will make a protest at the headquarters of Reebok in Boston, Mass.

What do you think? Should Rick apologize?


Michael Jordan is not quiting but he is fighting back.  Recently, Pamela Smith accused Michael Jordan of being the father of her 16 year old son.  The judge ordered MJ to have a DNA test to support the paternity suit.  The NBA legend denied the allegation and Smith suddenly dropped the case without any explanation at all.  Now Michael Jodan is having his revenge by filing new legal documents.  He is filing counter claim charges against Pamela and he wants her to pay for the court costs and the sanctions that will be enforced by the judge.

Will Pamela pay?


Timbaland is lying to his insurance company when he filed a $1.8 million claim over a lost watch.  He claimed that his Jacob & Co. watch was lost by his 2 year old daughter.  The watch is very valuable since it is dazzling with 30 carats of diamonds.

But according to American Home Assurance Company, the insurance company, they won’t pay Timbaland any dime because he is lying, they said:

“ Timbaland bought the watch for $900,000 but insured it for TWICE the purchase price.  Timbaland reported the watch stolen … but 4 months later claimed his daughter misplaced it.  Everyone involved told a different story … the wife implicated another female, the assistant implicated the maid, the maid only copped to sleeping with Timbaland’s brother-in-law and the brother-in-law refused to cooperate.  No one ever mentioned the daughter losing the watch, like Timbaland belatedly claimed.”

Should the insurance company pay Timbaland?

Tickets for Pink concerts are presold because it can be sold quickly. Pink is busy with her North American tour and she promises her fans that there will be lots of tickets that are available. Tickets can be availed at


After her tour, Pink posted on facebook:
“And that’s a wrap, North America! Thank you for all the amazing love & support at P!nk’s Truth About Love concerts! Europe, you’re up next!”
Our Sources say, “Tickets for The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia sold out in 16 minutes. ” Some fans are angry because they can’t buy tickets. Dennis Amico came as early as 5 a.m. at the Ticketmaster kiosk in Kingsway Mall but five hours later all the tickets were sold out. A few minutes he found out that there were tickets sold on resale websites but at higher prices. He said:
“I just don’t think it’s fair, this internet stuff is just not fair at all. I believe that if you’re a fan and you come out and line up … you should be able to get tickets.”
Are you also frustrated because you did not get any ticket?


NeNe Leakes is willing to reconcile with Kim Zolciak for the sake of her marriage. NeNe, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, is inviting Zolciak to her forthcoming marriage to Gregg Leakes. NeNe said: “I’m extending an olive branch.”
Kim will definitely be there, she said:
“I have always been and I continue to be happy for NeNe, and I look forward to being invited to the wedding. NeNe and I started this journey together and although we have had our ups and downs, I am excited to get our friendship back on track.”
Will Kim and NeNe become friends again?


Eve had a successful comeback with ‘She Bad Bad’ and now she has a new single which is entitled ‘Make It Out This Town’.  This is the first single that is taken from her new album which is entitled ‘Lip Lock’ which will be released this coming May 14.  Gabe Saporta is also featured in the video.  The video features solid visuals and materials.

You can watch the video here:

YouTube Preview Image

Did you likethe new video?


T.I. & Tiny’s VH1 reality show entitled “The Family Hustle” will be having their third season.  They just released a trailer for their new season.  All the kids including Major, King and Zonnique are showing lots of love.  The new season will start on April 8 at 10 PM.  All the fans will have the chance to continue in following the lives of Harris clan.  The younger boys are experiencing puppy love while the older ones are already getting into relationships.

Watch the Supertrailer for T.I.’s ‘The Family Hustle’

The Family Hustle

Don’t miss it!

There are speculations that Blue Ivy Carter will attend the ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ as what the photo below suggests.  Even if Blue Ivy won’t be able to attend the tour but her presence will be felt when the tour will start in Serbia on April 15.  Beyonce will be bringing her daughter, Blue Ivy, when she will start her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” on the road.  As a proof, the pop diva posted a picture of two monogrammed chairs in her Instagram.  It also contains a winking emoticon.


Aside from her tour, Beyonce is also busy with her new charitable program known as “Chime For Change”.  Chime will be going to London in order to raise funds that will be used for women’s awareness of their empowerment.  Beyonce will be joined by other stars such as John Legend and Salma Hayek.  “Chime For Change” was launched last month by Gucci.


Good luck Beyonce!

Porsha Williams may not be aware that Kordell Stewart is filing a divorce this week but now she is fighting back.  Williams is now filing her own divorce documents and claiming that Stewart should pay her for taking care of Stewart’s son from another woman.  Stewart won’t pay Porsha because she can earn on her own.


According to the new legal documents filed by Randall Kessler, Porsha’s attorney, Porsha give up her career and she even quit from her job and sold her businesses so that she can have time in taking care of Kordell’s son.  But Porsha did not reveal that she is presently one of the stars on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”


Aside from asking for alimony from Stewart, Porsha also demands that she should have the Atlanta home.  Porsha has no plans of divorcing Kordell because they want their marriage to work out but now she is fighting back.

Will Porsha get what she wants?

Reginae Carter and Bria Williams, the daughters of Lil Wayne and Bryan Williams, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, recently had a photo shoot in connection with their new book which is published under Cash Money Content.  These two teenagers have added some money to the family business by publishing a new book called “Paparazzi Princesses”.  They wrote a fictitious narrative about the adventures of two young teenagers who are both living in the spotlight.  It talks about the advantages as well as the disadvantages that they have experienced.  The book is written under fictitious characters.  Evelyn Lozada also wrote a “fictional” novel under the Cash Money Content.


Instead of narrating their lives through social media such as Twitter and Instagram, they wrote a book about it under fictitious characters such as Promise Walker and Kyla Jones.  The book talks about the different challenges of being in high school such as friendship, crushes, homework and others.


These two princesses really look cute in their photos.


Kordell Stewart was spotted hanging out with Tania Richardson, his former flame, and their son Syre at the Dave & Busters in Georgia.  This happened last March 21, one day before Stewart filed for divorce from Porsha Williams.  Stewart initially invited Tania and Syre to the restaurant.  The former NFL star attended an event at Dave & Busters as part of his job in a radio station.  It is not yet certain if they are talking about Stewart’s marriage but according to witnesses they have a serious chat.

Is Stewart cheating?


KeKe Palmer was recently spotted hugging Chilli on the set of “The TLC Story”.  The stars of the movie are filming in Atlanta.  Chilli went on the set to hang with the crew and the cast.  The fans of TLC are already excited in watching this new biopic film from VH1.

Are you excited about the new film?


Barbara Walters will be ending her career in 2014.  The host of “The View” has been planning retirement for some time.  In fact, in 2011, she said that she will retire in 2012 and she told President Obama about this.  According to sources, it seems that every year Barbara always joked about her retirement and it started during the Clinton Administration.  But this time it seems that she is serious about it.

Walters will have an official announcement about her retirement soon and she will be having her last appearance in her show in May 2014.

So far, there is still no comment from Barbara’s people.

Is it really final that she will retire in 2014?

"G.I. Joe: Retaliation" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

On March 28, Bruce Willis together with his wife Emma Heming attended the red carpet premiere of Willis’ new movie which is entitled “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.  The premiere was held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Aside from the lovely couple, Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis together with her boyfriend Jayson Blair also attended the premiere.  Jayson later tweeted about the event and said:

“G.I. Joe 2 premiere with my beautiful woman @TheRue”

It is definitely a family affair.

true blood

“True Blood” recently added two new stars; Karolina Wydra and Luke Grimes.  Karolina Wydra was playing the role of Dominika on House.  Most likely she already has some experiences with TV shows.  In “True Blood”, she will be playing the role of Violet, the dangerous, strong and sexy vampire.

On the other hand, Luke Grimes will be playing the role of a ’70′s vampire who is spiritual, emotional and yet smart.  We are excited about these two new stars!