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Janet Jackson has been secretly married to Wissam Al Mana since last year.  This was confirmed by Jackson’s representative.  This is the second time that Janet married secretly.  The first time happened in 1991 when she secretly married Rene Elizondo Jr. but they got separated in 1999.

The first marriage of Janet Jackson happened in 1984 when she married James DeBarge.  She was just 18 years old back them and the marriage only lasted to three months.


According to some rumors, there are many reasons for the delay of Janet Jackson‘s third marriage and one of them is the pre-nup.  Recently, Jackson and Al Mana made a mutual statement and said:

“The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony.

Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy.

With love, Wissam and Janet.”


For those people who do not know Wissam Al Mana, well he is a Qatari businessman who is super rich.  Wissam Al Mana is 37 years old while Janet Jackson is 46 years old.  Both of them meet in 2010 during the opening of a hotel in Dubai.

How did they keep their marriage secret?

Congratulations to both of you!

Well that didn’t take long, did it?! Actually, in these micro-moments that we live in these days, nothing takes long. So, to help shuttle you along through the fast paced world of celebrity, we give you the lowdown…


Goodbye, Ashanti.
Hello Tae. That’s LaShontae Heckard. The two lovebirds were found up in the VIP area this weekend at The Gold Room in the ATL on Friday night. Tae, who appears on BET’s The Game, has somewhat of a follow. Rumors are circulating that she has been receiving threats online from Team Ashanti, but it doesn’t appear that she feels threatened by the Twitter verse or Facebook drama one bit. 
Tae & Nelly
Now, someone remind us again.
What exactly does Ashanti do anyways these days? Because we have not heard a hit song from her in forever. Actually, we have not heard ANYTHING from her in forever. Is this about to be the moment when Tae’s star rises as another’s falters? Stay tuned…

Best Dressed At 2013 Oscars!


Hollywood’s biggest stars pulled out all the stops last night to celebrate the Academy Awards in grand style. This year, as is every year, some of the celebrities on hand really stood out, going above and beyond the call of duty to make those coveted best dressed lists.

Who was on the lists this year?


Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington finally brought their A-games to the Oscars. Both faltered in other awards events and so it was a breath of fresh air to see them shine on Hollywood’s biggest night. Chastain was decked out in Prive and Washington wore a Miu Miu gown with a red skirt. Another star that had tongues wagging was Zoe Saldana, who wore a flowing Alexis Mabille couture gown. Honorable mentions go to Jennifer Hudson, who chose a long-sleeved metallic Roberto Cavalli creation and Samantha Barks, who wore a deep plunging Valentino dress in all black with baubles to die for.

Who were your favorites?



How quickly time flies by! It seems only yesterday that the biggest star in the household of T.I. Was his wife Tiny, one-fourth of the girl group Xscape, and not known as the reality star and wife of one of hip-hop’s biggest acts. But it has been twenty years and the man behind So So Def, Jermaine Dupri, celebrated in a big way, gathering a lot of the stars that helped him along the way to become one of the most recognizable moguls in entertainment.


So So Def artists, Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, Xscape, Kriss Kross, and many more were on hand to help congratulate him on his reign. Jay-Z, Usher and Mariah Carey were also in attendance as they all have him to thank for at least a hit or two.


With so many stars on hand and so many hits sang over the night, including R&B star Usher, it would be extremely hard to pick a clear cut favorite track produced by Jermaine Dupri, but we will let you try. So tell us.

What’s your favorite track produced by Jermaine Dupri? Feel free to go all the way back to 1993 if necessary!

Do you know who the special date of Jamie Foxx was during the 85th Annual Academy Awards?  Well, it’s no other than his lovely 19-year-old daughter named Corrine Bishop.


Jamie, who starred in the movie Django Unchained, was very proud of showing off his adorable daughter.  Corinne looked so stunning with her strapless blue-green gown.  This is not the first time that Jamie brought her daughter to an awards night.

One of the lovely couples who attended the 85th Annual Academy Awards is Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum who are expecting their first baby.  Jenna looked so lovely in her backless black lace dress.  She said:


“I’m walking the carpet, trying to keep it together tonight but we’re good!”

Her husband Channing made some revelation about their baby:

“We’re gonna actually have the baby in London while I’m shooting so there will be no downtime whatsoever after that.”

He is also trying to do his homework so that he will be ready when the baby arrives, he reveals:

“I have never changed a diaper before, so I may need some help learning.  I don’t have friends who have kids, so it’s going to be an interesting experience to learn how to change a diaper.”

I’m sure the couple is already excited about the arrival of their first baby.



Ben Affleck is back in the Oscars again after receiving an award for “Good WIll Hunting” 15 years ago.  This time he won the Best Picture award for the movie “Argo” which he directed, co-produced and starred.  The 85th Academy Awards was celebrated last Sunday at the Dolby Theatre.

Other winners include Jennifer Lawrence for best actress in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook, Daniel Day-Lewis for best actor for the movie “Lincoln”, Ang Lee for Best Director for the movie “Life of Pi”.  It is the third time that Daniel Day-Lewis won the award for best actor.  He played the role of Pres. Lincoln in this movie by Steven Spielberg.  Jennifer Lawrence’s role is a young widow while Ben Affleck’s movie which is entitled Argo is all about an Iran hostage.


The best supporting actress was won by Anne Hathaway who played the role of a factory worker in the movie Les Miserables.  The best supporting actor was won by Christoph Waltz who played the role of a bounty hunter in the movie Django Unchained.

The best original song was won by Adele who broke into tears as she thanked Paul Epworth who is her co-writer as well as his Bond producers.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Due to the success of the “The Hunger Games”, people are now excited to watch its sequel.  Below is the new poster of its sequel.

The new poster of the sequel which is entitled “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” shows Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence celebrating its win during the 74th Hunger Games.  This is the scene from the first film.  This coming November 22, 2013, “Catching Fire” can be seen on theaters.


After the Oscars, Jennifer flew to Hawaii in order to continue doing the film, she said:

“We paused [filming on] it, I fly out to Hawaii the day after the Oscars. I don’t think I would be able to do it – flying back and forth [without the break].”



Megan Fox will be one of casts of the latest version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, which is a big hit during the 90’s.  The actress will be reuniting with Michael Bay, who is the director of Transformers.  Fox was not included in the third sequel of the Transformers franchise due to her conflict with Bay.  Bay announced:

“TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family.”

The role of Fox in the movie is April O’Neil, who is a reporter.  The movie will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman and it will be produced by Bay.

The fans would surely enjoy the new sequel because it will be filled with computer animation as well as live action.

Watch out for these two great movies!

MC Hammer, who is a famous rapper during the 80’s and the 90’s, was recently arrested after allegedly obstructing a police officer.  The incident happened in northern area of California particularly in Dublin Shopping Mall.



According to the police officer, he was now the registered owner of the vehicle and the registration of the vehicle has already expired.  Herb Walters, the police spokesman said:

“After asking Hammer who the registered owner was he became very argumentative and refused to answer the officer’s questions.”

Last Saturday, MC Hammer whose real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell, began tweeting by saying:

“chubby elvis looking dude was tapping on my car window, I rolled down the window and he said ‘Are you on parole or probation?’”


“While I was handing him my ID he reached in my car and tried to pull me out the car but forgot he was on a steady donut diet.  It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help (MallCop) !!! But make no mistake he’s dangerous.”

After posting a bail, MC Hammer was released from Santa Rita Jail.  A court date is scheduled next month which gives time for the police officer to decide for the charges.  The police officers did not find alcohol or drugs during the incident.

One of Hammer’s tweets says:


“only thing more dangerous than a scared man with a gun, is a scared man with an agenda, a gun and a badge.”

“I will now answer his question, contrary to his personal beliefs, all people of color are not on parole or probation fat boy!!!”

How would you react if you were asked this kind of question?


Dakota Fanning celebrates her 19th birthday today.  She has gone a long way after being one of the casts in the movie “I Am Sam”.  We have also seen her in her latest movies such as the “Twilight” sagas and “The Secret Life of Bees”.  She once played as the daughter of Sean Penn when she was only 8 years old and now she is already 19 years old.


Aside from Dakota, Elle Fanning, her sister has been doing successful movies too.  She will be playing as Princess Aurora in the upcoming movie “Maleficent”.  She will be working with Angelina Jolie in this movie.  She also starred in famous movies such as “We Bought a Zoo” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Acting truly runs in the family, do you agree?

Perilous times in Daytona Beach in the NASCAR Nationwide Series stock car race. The season opener event claimed injuries for 28 spectators in the crowds when race car driver Kyle Larson’s car went airborne and debris flew into the stands.


The president of Daytona International Speedway, Joie Chitwood, reported to the media on hand that 14 fans were transported to a local hospital for treatment while the other 14 were treated on a medical facility on-site. Of those 28, two were taken in for immediate surgery. Further reports were not made on the conditions of the other people injured.


An investigation into this event is still on-going. This accident comes on the eve of NASCAR star Danica Patrick making her debut as the first woman to start from pole position at the Daytona 500.