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According to  US Weekly on Wednesday, the musicians rep confirmed that Brandy Norwood is engaged to be married to her boyfriend, music executive Ryan Press!

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This will be the 33-year old singer’s first wedding. Brandy has a ten-year old daughter from her last boyfriend, Robert Smith, with whom she pretended to be married for two years. She feared she would be judged for having a child out-of-wedlock, but she later came clean about the situation!

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Well, Brandy, who are we to judge? We wish you all the best in your life, and may this new phase bring you happiness and contentment!

“I had given up on love a long time ago. It just didn’t seem to work for me, so I was single for a very long time,” the star said in an interview “I stopped looking for love and then I ran into my boyfriend.”

Here’s to love!

There’s a reason why Mariah Carey’s Christmas album is a classic holiday album. At her peak, Mariah Carey could sing about Labor Day weekend and turn it into a platinum record. And over the last twenty years, not many have dared to cover one of the songs, because they may sound simple enough, but they are not.


Case in point. One of the newest pop stars on the scene, Rita Ora, tried to cover ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. After listening to this, you may want Audiotune. At least Rita had Jay Sean and other people on stage to drown out much of the sound.


While Rihanna’s stunt double did her best on Carey’s classic, the real thing decided to take on another cover of a fellow pop diva. Rihanna chose ‘Hero’ to sing and well, you can judge for yourself who she’s singing to.

For every three to five hip hop stars losing their homes, owing the I.R.S. or avoiding paternity tests, there is at least one good boy.

Make that Bad Boy.


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has lots of children that he takes care of. In fact, he has been known for famously spoiling his kids. To celebrate the holidays, Diddy took his brood to the Carribean. Photographs of the hip hop mogul with his three daughters were taken over the break that show a loving family man and and devoted father.


Combs’ first child, Justin, is from a relationship with celebrity stylist Misa Hylton-Brim. Kim Porter is the mother of his son Christian Combs and twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie James. He also has a daughter named Chance from a relationship with Sarah Chapman.

The 48-year old rock icon performed the legendary band’s hit single and blew away the crowd with a memorable performance at the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors.


Lenny wasn’t the only one paying his tributes though as Foo Fighters, Kid Rock and Heart also rocked out to Zeppelin tracks.


President Barack Obama was also in attendance and at one point was seen singing along to the lyrics! Way to rock out, sir!

Obama also paid tribute to Led Zeppelin in his speech:

“There was this singer with a mane like a lion and a voice like a banshee, a guitar prodigy who left people’s jaws on the floor, a versatile bassist who was equally at home on the keyboards, a drummer who played like his life depended on it. It’s been said that a generation of young people survived teenage angst with a pair of headphones and a Zeppelin album, and a generation of parents wondered what that noise was all about.”


Taking on Zeppelin tracks is no easy task, and even some of these big rock names seemed to be a tad off the pace. But Heart and Kravitz were the ones who actually pulled their performances off flawlessly!

So, which is your favorite Led Zeppelin track???

Here’s more happy news: A new addition to our ranks of Celeb-tots! Shakira has given birth to a baby boy! The announcement comes directly from the Twitter feed of her boyfriend and the father of the baby, Gerard Pique. The 25-year old football star met 35-year old Shakira while on set for the video of the super-famous “Waka Waka”.

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“Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages” announced Pique in his native Spanish. There is one tiny thing, though! Gerard’s native country is Spain, where they are celebrating Dia de los Santos Inocentes or Day of the Holy Innocents, today. This is like the April Fool’s Day, where people play pranks on each other. Since the representatives of neither celebrity have confirmed or denied this news, we still await confirmation on this one, people!

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Shakira had been seen with a huge baby bump during her Christmas shopping sprees, and fans all over the world, including us, now look forward to seeing the baby!

It seems like Instagram is becoming another popular place for celebrities to confirm the latest rumor in their life. Is Twitter becoming obsolete? We may know in 2013!


Rapper Lola Monroe announced on her Instagram account that she is indeed knocked up. The father is her reported boyfriend of the last two years, fellow rapper Los. Lola is known as The First Lady of Taylor Gang. The label is the imprint of hip hop star Wiz Khalifa. Los is signed to P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records.


The couple posted themselves in an embraced with a very pregnant looking Lola. There is no word on when their baby is due, but Lola’s next official release will be her mixtape Lipstick & Pistols, set to drop in early 2013.

Here come the new conspiracy theories involving Whitney Houston’s untimely death. As has been previously reported in the press, Whitney Houston was in debt at the time of her death. Now news is surfacing that Houston may have been killed by drug dealers she reportedly owed money. Paul Huebl is an investigator claiming that he has turned over evidence to the FBI that proves Whitney Houston did not die of a drug overdose, but was killed because she could not pay what she owed.

pre grammy

 As of February of 2012, Huebl alleges that Houston owed several high-powered drug dealers money and Houston received a delivery to her room the day before her death. The delivery was cocaine and there is footage of Houston saying she was tired of it on the surveillance video. The video also reportedly shows two unknown men who came to the Beverly Hilton and included themselves in Houston’s large entourage. According to Huebl, there are defense wounds on Whitney’s body which suggest a struggle took place. As these new allegations come out, Huebl will not reveal who he was investigating the crime scene for.

A response from the Houston family is next.

There’s a battle brewing in hip hop these days. Actually, there are several brewing, but this is one that has resulted in sonic slingshots hurled back and forth. As of yet, there is no clear cut winner here aside from fans that are getting mixtape fever between Cassidy and Meek Mill.

Meek & Cassidy Beef

Listen to Cassidy Diss Track: ‘Me, Myself and Iphone’

Listen to Meek Mill Diss Track: ‘Repo’

After Cassidy released a diss track last week titled ‘Me, Myself and iPhone’, Meek Mill, the intended target, sounded off in retaliation, releasing his own song titled ‘Repo’. Take a listen to both songs before you decide who has won the battle this round.

The best kinds of celebrities are the ones who GIVE BACK, in our opinion! The people who use what they have earned, financially as well as the respect and popularity they enjoy, to bring something good to the world! And one of our favorites this Christmas is Dwyane Wade! Mr. Wade, along with his gorgeous girlfriend Gabrielle Union, hosted the annual Father and Child Day outing on December 23rd.

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The outing was held at the Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami, and was a combined effort by Wade’s World Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Attending adults were also presented with Wade’s new parenting book “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball.”

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Here are some photos from the event! Doesn’t the couple look very cute, posing with the elves and being all lovey dovey?!