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Katt Williams just can’t do anything right at the moment! So what did he do this time??

Well, just hours after the comedian was released from police custody on child endangerment charges, Williams got into a club fight with good friend Suge Knight!


The brawl took place outside the Eden Club. Video footage has shown that Suge was more in the thick of the action while Katt was hiding and fleeing! But eyewitnesses say that Katt was the one who started the fight!

BET Comedy Icon Awards - Show

Both men fled the scene with Suge almost crippling several people as he stormed out in his white SUV!!

Both Katt and Suge have been in trouble with the police recently and it remains to be seen what action is taken by the authorities regarding this latest incident!!

How many more times do you think Katt will get away with his antics before he lands himself into serious trouble???

Katt Williams might want to lay low for the rest of the year. Because it is not going out with the bang he may have hoped for. After several incidents and run-ins with the law over the last few months, weeks, days…Katt Williams has managed to go to another level of crazy by the minute. Now, the pint-sized comedian is telling the press that the only way to keep children safe is with guns.

Williams was arrested and four of his children were taken away as police searched his home last week. They found several guns and illegal drugs. As the debate rages in America on whether we need fewer gun and tougher gun laws, Katt has released his stance.

Again, Instagram trumps the tweet in a big way! After searching for Mr. Right and waiting for someone to put a ring on it, Brandy is finally getting her bling on and ring on! Her fiance Ryan Press only proposed a few days ago, but now there are photos streaming in of the two on vacation with her rock. We have been waiting for this news for quite some time.

reg& brandy122912

The 33-year old singer has been hinting in the press since August about a possible engagement and wedding. This will be her first official marriage. Her relationship with music producer Robert Smith was not an officially recognized marriage. She has one child, a daughter, from Smith. Congratulations to the couple!


The Canadian hip hop artist launched an attack on Walgreen’s and Macy’s for selling merchandise with the term ‘YOLO’ printed on it!


YOLO, which means ‘You Only Live Once’, was not originally coined by the artist, although it did become popular only last year after Drake used the term in a song called ‘The Motto’.

That seems enough for the 26-year old to stake a claim for the exclusive rights of the term as he uploaded pictures on Instagram of ‘YOLO’ caps and clothes being sold at Wal-greens and Macy’s!


As a caption to one of the pictures, Drake wrote “Walgreens …. you gotta either chill or cut the cheque.”

Drake’s claims haven’t gone down too well with fans and they expressed their disagreement on Twitter.

Drake did not create the term ”YOLO”. It’s actually a restaurant in Florida!” tweeted one fan.

“Screw @Drake for getting mad about that. RICK ROSS started YOLO wayyyyy before drake said that in a song.” posted another.

Seriously, Drake, are you going to ask for money from everyone who uses the term YOLO??? There are currently over 100 YOLO trademark applications in the US alone!!!

Trina Braxton recently filed for legal separation from her husband, Gabriel Adrian-Solis, and sources say she has asked Gabe to pay an undisclosed amount of money!


The couple separated last year after Gabe was accused of cheating on Trina via cyber-sex and cyber–texting and also for his infidelity issues!


Gabe has since admitted to ‘infidelities’ but has also claimed that he has not slept with other women. That hasn’t stopped Toni Braxton’s sister from demanding a sum of money from Gabe following his actions during their marriage which she has said was tainted with her husband’s various affairs.

Let’s see what Gabriel has to say about this one!

These days, it seems the best way to ensure that your children are set for life is to pimp them on reality television. The latest star to get head to the format is none other than ATL-based rapper Shawty Lo. His show, All My Babies’ Mamas premieres on Oxygen early next spring.


The show promises to show the highs and lows of raising a blended family. This should prove interesting, to say the least.
And not to be outdone, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop will starts its third season in New York. The network has released snippets of the show that is scheduled to premiere January 7th, 2013.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Stevie J is trying to get back with the mother of his daughter, Eva. Mimi took to twitter to post a picture of their phone conversation in which Stevie J stated, ” Have you completely turned away from me? I’m out here working & that it!! I want my family & and if you don’t then ill be happy with just my kids.” Mimi responded by saying, “You sound stupid….you my friend are a complete joke.”


When is this love triangle with Joseline going to end?! This is why we don’t need soap operas anymore. Reality shows are the new soap opera!

Some celebrities truly disappoint us, even when we try really hard not to be judgmental! But the situation created by Katt Williams, well, we’d be a tad judgmental regardless of who was in his shoes!


So in the last few weeks things have really been going downhill for him. He has gotten into several; fights, owes the IRS BIG money, retired from showbiz, and now the comedian has been arrested and jailed by the police for endangering his children! It is being reported that the L.A. County Department of Children was tipped off and arranged a bust. The investigative team found “numerous guns and illegal drugs” around the house, leading to the arrest! As per the latest reports bail has been set at a whopping 100,000$ and his kids have been taken into protective custody!


Now if all we’re hearing is true, this is truly un-cool of Katt! We’re waiting to see how this new drama plays out, and we hope that whatever happens next is good for his poor children! Can you imagine how scared they must be??

While still on the topic of babies and pregnancy, we are happy to announce that Phaedra Parks, of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame, is expecting her second child with her husband, Apollo!


Phaedra made her joyful announcement to People magazine, along with a photograph of herself and her baby bump, in a skimpy swimsuit! She already has a 2-year old son, and had declared her intentions of having another baby earlier this season!


Of course what we really look forward to is the baby shower! Last time around Phaedra threw a spectacular party to welcome her baby, donning a gorgeous floor length gown. To top it all, she had prepared a dance performance with professional ballerinas to dazzle her guests!

How is she ever going to top that??

What did we tell you?? Shakira’s baby turned out to be a prank after all!


For those of you who hadn’t checked into the celeb world the last couple of days, here’s an update: Shakira’s boyfriend and the father of her expected baby, Spanish football player Gerard Pique tweeted on Wednesday that Shakira had given birth to their baby boy, saying:

“Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your message”

Of course, both celebrities’ fans were ecstatic!


However, just as we suspected, this turned out to be a prank! On the day he tweeted this, Gerard’s country of origin, Spain, was celebrating the Day of the Innocents. This day is like April fool’s Day, where people play pranks on each other. And now Mr. Pique has admitted that this was his attempt at humor, saying ‘He has a name! His name is Innocence! Happy Day of the Innocents to everyone!’